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not all obsessions are bad

MY FIRST POST… here goes nothin!

“Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”
-Berthold Auerbach

for anyone who knows me, even just a little, you already know that in the last few years i have become a pretty big fan of one BRANDI CARLILE.
ta dah!

if you have not heard of her, stop reading right now and spend the next hour telling yourself how much you suck go to www.brandicarlile.com, www.youtube.com, www.myspace.com, www… JUST GO FIND HER!

if you already know who i’m talking about, you may continue reading…

SO brandi carlile has played the same smaller venue in portland the last few times i have seen her, and after every show we would discuss… if only she could play the schnitz (a super spectacular venue in portland), well my friends, my dream came true! i’ll spare you the details of my sweet ticket purchasing extravaganza and just say FRONT ROW SEATS BABY! that was months ago, and i have had to take the tickets out of my drawer at work periodically and look at them, stroke them lovingly, and dream of what was to come.

ok ok, fast forward to October 22, 2009… i grabbed my tickets and my pals, we hit our favorite wall o’ booze in town
booze wall

started the night with a few drinks, and headed for the show!

Katie Herzig opened the show


i knew i recognized her voice, i assumed from grey’s anatomy, but couldn’t quite place it… anyway, she is spectacular, and i pretty much love her cello player (claire indie). katie came out later in the show to perform a song with brandi carlile and i had regained enough composure after being beside myself with excitement at the first glimpses of ms. carlile that i was able to take a video. you will notice that a couple seconds into the performance I realize this is in fact a grey’s anatomy song…

we were also able to download katie herzig’s new album for FREE at www.katieherzig.com (i highly recommend it) and will be seeing katie again at the doug fir with over the rhine (another great band)…

enough small talk… back to BRANDIIIIIII

it was literally the best show i have ever seen, and this woman’s talent is incredible. PLUS she just keeps getting better!

at one point she and her gang approached the front of the stage, completely unplugged and sang “dying day”… check it out (and please excuse the first bit of the video where my dumb ass had the camera turned on its side… what can i say, i was all twitterpated!):

i could just go on forever! we all had such a good time. nothing beats experiencing it all from the front row (yes, i realize i’m stating the obvious), and i adore being able to share these moments with my bestest of pals!

all in all… AMAZING