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introducing… the tour de tacky

i’m on a mission see…

we have a cupboard full of coffee mugs at work… and as long as i’ve worked there i’ve often come across a cup and thought, “really???” so the other day i decided, i am going to, one by one, use all of the questionable, inappropriate, odd, ugly… in a word, TACKY coffee mugs in our office.

i will call it… THE TOUR DE TACKY

yesterday was the inaugural day. if it was to be the first, it had to be special.

that’s right! i found this gem hiding in the very back of the cupboard… Square Dance Tonite

talk about starting off right! that first mug might be hard to beat, but don’t worry grasshoppers… there are plenty more where that came from!

take one last look before we move on…

so this morning after day 3 of doing “The Shred” with Jillian, and gulping down a random and only marginally satisfying breakfast

i found day 2’s dose of tacky!!

can you appreciate the off white nasty color of this mug? you may be thinking, well this mug isn’t so bad… oh but you haven’t see the other side yet!

bwahahahaa seriously? who leaves this mug in an office of 45 people!??!!? it took us a few minutes, but we figured out who these sweet childrens are, and it tells you how long the mug has been at the office… the kids in these photos are about 22 years old now!

i think i’m going to enjoy the TOUR DE TACKY…

so lunch was from what i call “little pazzo” b/c it’s next to and is like the little deli side dish to a fancy restaurant in portland called “pazzo”
they have various salad/veggie/panini/soup/bread choices

i got the special where you pick which 3 side salads you want

*roasted root veggies
*spinach/fennel salad
*roasted sweet potato salad

their salads are SO good and so not drowning in oil/butter etc.

the spinach salad with red onion, fennel, pine nuts, and a little parm cheese is pretty much my favorite thing on their menu


after work i hiked up to Powell’s to meet anne for some swift holiday shopping… after a serious book hunt, i was SO hungry, and we were two blocks from Whole Foods. you know what that means… HOT BAAAAR

i snagged a few items i’ve been wanting to try but have not found at other grocery stores (i really try to avoid Whole Paycheck but sometimes you can’t find things anywhere else)…

*new flavor of bear naked fit granola (my usual haunt only has vanilla almond)
*tempeh bacon… look Mama Pea… i finally get to try it!!
*sunshine breakfast burgers! i blame a certain Chica who Snacks for making me hunt these down!

WF hot bar served at home…

*curry tofu
*roasted mixed veggies
*rice AND 1 piece of naan (yes, i know that’s carb carb, but i was hungry and had to save some of the veggies for everyone else)

curry tofu = pure joy

i also snacked on some blue corn baked chips and tequila lime salsa, but dove into it so fast i wasn’t able to snap a photo

after dinner i thought i’d take the dogs outside to run around.
i decided farley probably didn’t want to go…

so it would just be porter and me. we got outside and he chased the ball two times, then spent 10 minutes like this

and mustered enough energy for this

people ask me if porter’s wild and hard to handle b/c he’s such a big puppy… HA! right, a real fireball!

i guess that’s about it!

OH, but since we’re talkin tacky… i wanted to leave you with this… that i spotted sitting in my neighbor’s yard the other day