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keeping ourselves busy

since we got the news about farley boy’s serious back injury, we’ve been trying to keep ourselves busy.

we’ve been entering to win a fun giveaway compliments of the fabulous GC

engaging in home improvement therapy…

(i think carpet is yucky, especially since we have pets, so when we bought this house and pulled up the carpet, for some reason, WHO KNOWS WHY, there is a section of the hardwoods that had been damaged with a paint sprayer!?!? your guess is as good as mine..)

working on our skills for puppy class…

munching on apples…

trying a little eggy twist on the beloved GDW spicy oats

sneaking greens into the teen’s smoothies…

then last night i headed south to spend some time with oregon’s cutest girls!!

i even caught a great little sunset on the way…

(not bad for photos taken with the iphone while i was driving)

i had already planned to spend saturday evening with the ladies of the pea household, and really, there are no better girls to be able to hang with when you’re feeling down!

i mean, who wouldn’t want to have dinner prepared by a maiden and a ballerina??

well, with a little help from mama pea…

and lulu chilled with a skinny cow…

these girls are SO cute, and i adore spending time with them… it was just what i needed last night.

after a fun night, my morning continued with my first brunch food gasm!!

the teen was begging for real meat (*insert chest pounding and grunting*), so i promised breakfast sandwiches with meat

(everything is better with Tillamook Cheese)

i had help sampling the canadian bacon…

i love breakfast sandwiches, and this one was SUPA TASTY

the first bite of this sandwich i took, i actually said, outloud, “oh my gosh… YUMMM”
i checked with the boss, G$, and she confirmed… it’s a food gasm!!

so i guess, given the circumstances, it’s been a pretty good weekend.

in fact, it’s about to get even better….

football, blue moon, and a greexican (greek/mexican) snack plate that i hope would make the kick ass Snackface proud!!

FINALLY… THANK YOU SO MUCH for your encouraging/supportive words about farley!! we have definitely decided to get him the surgery, no matter what it takes… even if we have to start having blog bake sales and lemonade stands to raise the dough!!!

NYE… weekend??


did most people celebrate NYE for several days?? well, you should have!!

due to unforeseen events i will get to in a bit… i feel like i’m kind of just now getting back up to speed… so while it’s a few days late, here’s my NYE recap!!

anne and i got invited to spend NYE at the coast with our friends Bob and Cheng, and seeing as they are two of the funniest guys around, we quickly accepted!!

their friends own this little “inn” in Lincoln City, and they had said it was “quaint” and “not fancy” so we weren’t quite sure what we were in for.

the drive was foggy, but beautiful…

i love the drive from portland to the coast because you drive through this most of the way…

until you just suddenly come up over a hill and drop down onto the coast…

so we rolled up to The Historic Anchor Inn… and oh my gosh, it’s hard to even describe this place, so i’ll just say it’s cute, eccentric, funky, fun, uber friendly, and is my new favorite place on the coast!

the rooms are like little cabins and in each cabin as well as throughout the main hotel, lobby, living room, hallways, bar etc… there is funky decor and old photos and lamps etc.. EVERYWHERE!
but it works. it doesn’t feel tacky… it’s just fun!

here’s the lobby… i just LOVE all the old photos (many of them signed)… bob told us the owner loves to buy whole estates then keep what he wants and sell the rest, so most of the old signed photos have probably been acquired that way…

there was a “31” tournament at the inn, so we kicked the night off right

(shot of jager in a lord of the rings glass)

then went on a quick outing with bob and cheng…

then headed back to the inn for the 31 tourney… clearly it was to be serious, check out the high end trophies!

we played cards for quite a while, and rang in the new year, but when it was clear the tourney was going to go well into the next morning, we explored the inn a little more, then hit the sack.

the next morning we joined up with bob and cheng again to head to my favorite section of the coast, “depot bay”

it was really windy and stormy…

once we got to depot bay we wandered around some little shops and i was excited to hit my favorite saltwater taffy store from when i was a kid!

there’s a popular spot along the highway in depot bay where the waves crash right up against the sidewalk, and on this particular day, because of the storm, the waves were insane… soaking people standing along the sidewalk and crashing clear over onto the highway!!

the rest of the day consisted of being disappointed in the oregon ducks’ rose bowl showing, enjoying some blue moon, and later, another trip to the casino.

we headed back to portland the next morning, but not before stopping for one last soaking up of the coast air and views…

we made a quick detour on the way home to see three of my favorite girls!!! Mama Pea offered to send us home with some of her vegan german chocolate cupcakes, and after seeing how much the lil peas loved them…

anything that’s good enough for gigi to eat off the floor, is sure to be YUMMY!!

after leaving the girls we were looking forward to just getting home, unpacking, and relaxing… ohhhhh nooooo… apparently the teens had other plans for us!

we arrived home to find the aftermath of an unauthorized new year’s eve party…

a broken toilet paper holder

a mound of unidentified bedding

a broken and then put back together ping pong table… (see the extra set of holes??)

and a case of pabst!?!?

i’m sure you can guess how the rest of the evening went… ughhhhhhh

so with the exception of a few issues upon our return home… our little NYE trip was a blast!!

happy new year to everyone!!
i’ll leave you with a super cute photo of… porter’s first encounter with.. SNOW!!!

OH WAIT… one more thing!!

one of my most favoritest bloggers is having a giveaway and you should like totally check it out… she’s featuring some products that i’m just dying to try!!

welcome home porter!

today was THE day!

i started off with some greek pumpkin soup (it sounds weird, but dont judge!) a la Kath using the last of my favorite granola…

then i powered through the rest of the morning determined to keep my desk from looking like it did yesterday (yikes!!)…

lunch was upstairs at portland city grill… i love this restaurant, up on the 30th floor of our building, but i used to get their club sandwich religiously. i was determined today to make a better choice.

i think i did pretty well!

to start…
-baby greens
-hearts of palm
-a very light vinegarette

then i had the risotto

this dish was SO good…
-red/orange peppers
-awesome mushrooms

i ducked out of work early and we made the trek out to bring porter home!!

it’s been two weeks since we’ve seen him, and we were surprised to learn he officially weighs 28 lbs!! he’s only 9 weeks old people!

after signing the necessary paperwork, chatting with some other local new puppy moms, we loaded up our boy and headed out!

he just looks like a big fluffy bear! he wasn’t a huge fan of the car, but we got him settled (a little tension with the bossy doxie, but nothing more than we expected)…

i grabbed a super nutritious and involved dinner…

and my football watchin companion… and settled in for the Boise State v. Utah State foozball game!


we love our kellen moore!! we ❤ #11!!!!!!

Utah State kept it interesting for a little while, but eventually my Broncos started pulling away…

look at my beautiful blue and orange peoples!!!

farley kept an eye on porter for a while…

and porter was really rowdy!!

so farley finally gave up too… and everyone was totally chillaxin…

so much for a crazy first night… cody and porter headed for bed…

and he’s already called us twice from the basement worried that porter wouldn’t go potty, and now porter’s on his bed, but he’s panting a lot…

aww cody’s a first time mommy… it’s so cute!! haha

tomorrow is our friend nikki and jr’s annual “pre-thanksgiving dinner”… so i’ll be back with a full report of the happs and eats.