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live long and prosper…

that’s right…

anne is a trekkie, and we threw her a star trek, voyager birthday party!

she was captain janeway (obviously) and JR was her first officer, chakotay

uhura showed up… in more than one form!

and she hooked up with spock

and with worf!

haley and desi rocked the deep space nine bodysuits (how awesome are they!?!?)

chakotay found he had the hots for deanna troi

and maybe the hots for spock and captain kirk too??

captain janeway made sure her first officer was up to speed…

friends came from many quadrants to join the festivities

there were plenty of star trek eats… all inspired by our favorite cookbook

there was janeway birthday cake

we partied on the transporter

we weren’t sure if some guests were from outerspace or the land of elves??

the drinks were flowing (romulan ale, klingon blood wine, maporian ale, and trixian bubble juice)

we’re pretty sure spock had a few drinks b/c he started photo bombing…

and as i believe tends to happen given the strength of the romulan ale… some people started gettin frisky!

space… the final frontier!

it’s the freakin weekend…

baby i’m about to have me some fun

ok, that’s basically a lie… there’s not much going on around here tonight.

BUT this morning… someone came up with a new game!

if there’s any question about whether we’ve got a water dog in our house… porter’s new morning game is to stick his whole head into the shower and get it all wet.

silly furry child!

and for those who are wondering… 85 lbs!

i’m feeling lazy, so in the style of one of the hippest chicas around… this is going to be quick and dirty!

i am getting into the habit of coming home from the gym in the morning and packing my food for the day. i know, it’s not that exciting nor is it a novel idea, but hey, i’m celebrating the baby steps!!

i packed a supa tasty salad…

naked… but of course i didn’t leave it at that…

morning star buffalo fake chicken nugs

light ranch / frank’s swirl.

all mixed together for lunch, this was a WINNER WINNER UN-CHICKEN… ummm… lunch??

i had breakfast at work…

some green monster action

1c almond milk
2c spinach
1 banana

i know the green monster is not new to a lot of people, but on the off chance it’s new to anyone reading this… trust me when i say TRY THIS SMOOTHIE! try adding spinach to any smoothie… i swear on my doxie’s life you cannot taste the spinach! and adding spinach to your diet can work wonders! energy, skin glow, etc.

just do it! and then come back and thank me!

work was a freak show… so dinner was my go to i’m exhausted and do NOT want to cook spot…

laughing planet!

i love having a place so close to my house where i can snag something quick, but not horrible for me!

plus, it’s such a fun place…

i had the green chile burrito with tofu on a whole wheat tortilla

never fails to be delightful!

we actually don’t have much planned for the weekend.

until sunday anyway…

i LOVE the oscars… and i hope i’m right when i say i think steve martin and alec baldwin are going to be hilarious!!

did you see “it’s complicated”????

are you an oscar fan? who do you think will take the top prizes??
according to roger ebert, this year is too predictable:
best actress – sandra bullock
best actor – jeff bridges
movie – hurt locker

do you agree???

i’m torn about best actress… sandra bullock has put the years in, but something about me is pulling for gabourey sidibe…??? did you read “push”… or see “precious”?? there aren’t words…

for a complete list of nominations, go HERE

vday threesome

happy vday y’all!

so even though i’m generally opposed to this “holiday”, yesterday, i suppose we, in a way, celebrated vday… with a threesome!

bow chica bow wow

it was a really kinky fun day!

well, prior to hooking up the threesome, we started the day with breakfast froyo (that’s right. i skipped breakfast and begged anne to get me froyo, since we had to pop into the mall to get her mammy a bday present)

oh how i do love frozen yogurt… heck, it’s possible i like it as much as kraut

a new place opened near our house, “orange tree” and i’ve been dying to give it a whirl!

i got just enough to satisfy my craving (it was less than $2 if that tells you how little i got)… pomegranate/vanilla topped with a tiny bit of shredded coconut and granola.

how cute are their spoons!?!?

we snagged a bday present for sharona, and headed to her birthday lunch at mccormick and schmick’s, which is a somewhat popular chain in portland, yet this was to be my inaugural outing.

i had a spinach salad with fennel, craisins, almonds, and a really light dressing

i’m always a fan of the spinach/fennel combo!

then i randomly went with jambalaya (crab, shrimp, spicy chicken sausage, veggies)

not something i would normally ever order, but i didn’t want anything fried, and perhaps my impending vday threesome had me thinking SPICY???

it was pretty good (TWSS- yes i did)… no complaints.

then, b/c it was sharona’s birthday lunch, she ordered up some strippers desserts

bread pudding on the first plate, and then key lime, po de creme, and a chocolate tart on the other plate… ‘nuf said

there were five chicas at lunch, and we each enjoyed a couple bites of each dessert, which put us in the mood filled us up

sharona recently had foot surgery, so we were excited she was feeling up to having lunch, and was taking it all in stride (or crutch?)

then i went bed hopping shopping

did you know vera wang has a line of beds??

i wasn’t impressed (TWSS)…

nikki had to study, so with the bed purchased, we scooped up JR…

let the threesome begin!

we headed for a hotel room wine country

(even in the winter, the 15 minute drive is pretty)

we headed for apolloni… a local winery where we are members. we had shipments to pick up, and they just happened to be having a chocolate/wine pairing event. i mean, what are you gonna do? just grab your wine and leave? i dont think so…

i love the smaller local wineries b/c most of the time when you show up, the winemaker/owners themselves are there, like alfredo apolloni

and then, because we were feelin frisky in the neighborhood, we popped into purple cow too.

again, small local winery (you actually taste in the family’s living room) and gallo, the winemaker, was there to service entertain us

and thennnnnn… b/c we were wasted had a bit to drink, we thought one more position stop was in order…

sake one is the world’s only American-owned-and-operated sak√©ry and one of my favoritest places in the portland area!!

they too were having a dessert/booze pairing event

and we were so excited to see the place was packed!

i have learned everything i know about sake from the people at sake one, and if you are in the portland area, even if you aren’t sure whether you like sake, i would highly recommend you stop at sake one. there’s something so special about this place! or heck, if you know you do like sake, order some online… their flavored sake (coconut lemongrass is my FAV) is so good!

we got toasted toasted to our day with a glass of their sparkling sake (uhhhmazing!!)

and capped off the threesome day with a quick trip through…

WHA!?!? SERIOUSLY!?! (yes, the sign says what you think it does)

ok, we didn’t really go there… what kind of girl do you think i am!??!

but that place cracks me up every time i drive by it…


rekindling an old flame…

i didn’t exercise today… i didn’t get out of bed this morning to get myself moving.. but my eats were healthy (and cost free b/c i took them all from home… HEY, the little things count too)!!

breakfast was pumpkin yogurt (WARNING: the following photo wins worst breakfast photo of the year)

but it did the trick, and tasted good… combo’d it with a cup o’ coffee

followed shortly by a cute lil clementine

i decided to snag my lunch and eat it at my desk today to continue emailing with my cousin, who happens to be like totally one of my favoritest people in the world (random old photo… clearly ’93 was a HOT year for us!!)

today’s lunch was a good reminder for me… that sometimes, the simplest healthy lunch can taste SO good! well, plus, i had abe to chat with while i munched! (i’m guessing someone is jealous of my abe lunch date)

(i didn’t really eat the pita b/c it was really white, and the other food had me feelin full enough)

this salad was SO good!! and it was just… spinach, peppercinis (i’m channeling my inner GDW), dill pickle, cucumber

all i really used for dressing was some of this bomb a** hummus i had leftover from hush hush cafe a few days ago (sidebar: if you like medit. type food.. GO TO HUSH HUSH… seriously, this guy’s food is DELISH)

then later when i was bored out of my freakin mind feelin a tad hungry, abe and i shared a snack pack of annie’s bunnies!

(yes, this is how bad my day was… i was having lunch with, talking with, and posing food with, abe lincoln!!)

between the time i got home from work and when we left for porter’s first puppy class, all i did was change clothes, do a little cleaning, and then made two rounds of dinner!

yep, another sunshine veggie burger – but tonight i had the southwestern flavor, which is actually a little spicy (YUM)… so i topped it with lettuce, salsa, and a dollop of 0% greek yogurt. and of course it must have a pickle (or two) on the side

dinner was kind of in shifts b/c i have poor food preparation timing… so the veggies came after the veggie burgers had been consumed. basic roasted brussel sprouts (just a little pam, salt, and pepper)…

we went to the first puppy class, which was, boringly enough, sans puppies… lame! i’m guessing next week will provide for a story or two… 3 of porter’s siblings will be in the class with us… i actually think the trainer is a little scared about what she may be about to encounter with four newf puppies in the same class… hahahahhhaha

so like i said… i didn’t exercise today… and while i admittedly often times like to spend my evenings like this…

let’s be honest… that’s lame and, well, not acceptable!

so i’ve made the decision to rekindle an old love affair “relationship”… i was seeing jillian every morning for a while…

STOP LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT JILLIAN… i swear to god!!!!!!!!!

but after a short time… we broke up. mainly b/c i wasn’t really giving the relationship the attention it needed, and i was letting little things (like her calling me buddy) get to me, when i shouldn’t have!

but since that time, i’ve still kept some remnants of our relationship…

(yes, the weights and jillian have been sitting in that position for a few weeks)

i have decided to take jillian back… starting tomorrow morning! and i vow to make the relationship last for at least 30 days!

now i’m going to bed… in hopes that when i wake up in the morning i will have a magically transformed body and can just tell jillian to suck it, rather than having our date!

Do You Shred? If so, what do you think it’s best to combo it with… more cardio? weights? both? none? Or you have never had the pleasure of dating Jillian??

introducing… the tour de tacky

i’m on a mission see…

we have a cupboard full of coffee mugs at work… and as long as i’ve worked there i’ve often come across a cup and thought, “really???” so the other day i decided, i am going to, one by one, use all of the questionable, inappropriate, odd, ugly… in a word, TACKY coffee mugs in our office.

i will call it… THE TOUR DE TACKY

yesterday was the inaugural day. if it was to be the first, it had to be special.

that’s right! i found this gem hiding in the very back of the cupboard… Square Dance Tonite

talk about starting off right! that first mug might be hard to beat, but don’t worry grasshoppers… there are plenty more where that came from!

take one last look before we move on…

so this morning after day 3 of doing “The Shred” with Jillian, and gulping down a random and only marginally satisfying breakfast

i found day 2’s dose of tacky!!

can you appreciate the off white nasty color of this mug? you may be thinking, well this mug isn’t so bad… oh but you haven’t see the other side yet!

bwahahahaa seriously? who leaves this mug in an office of 45 people!??!!? it took us a few minutes, but we figured out who these sweet childrens are, and it tells you how long the mug has been at the office… the kids in these photos are about 22 years old now!

i think i’m going to enjoy the TOUR DE TACKY…

so lunch was from what i call “little pazzo” b/c it’s next to and is like the little deli side dish to a fancy restaurant in portland called “pazzo”
they have various salad/veggie/panini/soup/bread choices

i got the special where you pick which 3 side salads you want

*roasted root veggies
*spinach/fennel salad
*roasted sweet potato salad

their salads are SO good and so not drowning in oil/butter etc.

the spinach salad with red onion, fennel, pine nuts, and a little parm cheese is pretty much my favorite thing on their menu


after work i hiked up to Powell’s to meet anne for some swift holiday shopping… after a serious book hunt, i was SO hungry, and we were two blocks from Whole Foods. you know what that means… HOT BAAAAR

i snagged a few items i’ve been wanting to try but have not found at other grocery stores (i really try to avoid Whole Paycheck but sometimes you can’t find things anywhere else)…

*new flavor of bear naked fit granola (my usual haunt only has vanilla almond)
*tempeh bacon… look Mama Pea… i finally get to try it!!
*sunshine breakfast burgers! i blame a certain Chica who Snacks for making me hunt these down!

WF hot bar served at home…

*curry tofu
*roasted mixed veggies
*rice AND 1 piece of naan (yes, i know that’s carb carb, but i was hungry and had to save some of the veggies for everyone else)

curry tofu = pure joy

i also snacked on some blue corn baked chips and tequila lime salsa, but dove into it so fast i wasn’t able to snap a photo

after dinner i thought i’d take the dogs outside to run around.
i decided farley probably didn’t want to go…

so it would just be porter and me. we got outside and he chased the ball two times, then spent 10 minutes like this

and mustered enough energy for this

people ask me if porter’s wild and hard to handle b/c he’s such a big puppy… HA! right, a real fireball!

i guess that’s about it!

OH, but since we’re talkin tacky… i wanted to leave you with this… that i spotted sitting in my neighbor’s yard the other day


when sugar aint so sweet…

despite us all feeling like this at 5:30 a.m.

(sorry for the photo quality in all the photos in this post… i thought i’d see how just using my iphone would work… not great)

we did haul ourselves out of bed and head to the gym for an interval eliptical workout

when i got to work i quickly remembered what was waiting for me…

ughhh what a mess! i just haven’t been able to get caught up this week!!

i gulped down one cup o’ sludge

and immediately brought in the big guns!

in case anyone is unfamiliar with this album, it is paul simon’s “graceland” and is without a doubt the best album EVER made. it’s my go to for many occasions… get your desk under control immediately being one of them!

at some point i wandered toward the kitchen and realized… it has begun!

the office holiday sugar blitz! from about now, until the new year… this will be staring at me NONSTOP!

i held out on any snacking until lunch

which was a flat out, wedge of light laughing cow and sunshine veggie burger

with a sort of random mix of cuc, cado, and frank’s…

then i treated myself with this little gem i’d been saving…

lindt dark chocolate with “a touch of sea salt” – the package looks like this…

i have a little love affair with this chocolate. just a little bit… the dark chocolate is all you taste at first, but then the saltiness comes through, and it’s LOVE.

that being said, i’m not a huge chocolate person… in fact, i have found when i eat sugar in the afternoon, i crash… even this little piece of chocolate resulted in me gulping down about 3 glasses of water b/c i just get tired and jittery when i consume it after lunch.

so after my little indulgence, i remembered today was “cake day” at work. this blessed event occurs once a month in our office, in celebration of whomever is turning another year older that month.


so given that sugar aint so sweet to my body in the afternoon, i enjoyed the celebration with everyone else, sans a slice of sin cake, and when it was over, enjoyed my p.m. snack

pineapple and cottage cheese… and yes, i chomped most of it down before i realized i forgot to take its portrait! oopsie!!

i’ll tell you what IS good for me in the afternoon/evening, and it’s getting to see the Pea Family!!!! i was alerted that they would be stopping at the Laughing Planet near my house tonight, so i headed there right after work and got to spend some time with them!! I LOVE THE PEAS!!

i figured if i was going to be at the glorious Laughing Planet (which is so yummy and less than 1 block from my casa)… i might as well order up some dinner of my own.

amazin’ grace quesadilla with tofu (tofu-duh, cheese, pesto, pico de gallo)… and while i was waiting for my food i spotted a seriously sweet sight…

this one’s for you Ali…………


O…….M…….G, in attempting to figure out how to type out pee wee’s laugh, i found THIS… GO HERE….DO IT

and i’m done!