… shaking it off… and heading out in search of balance…

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ch ch changes…

look who is home!!!!!!

(sleeping with monkey, in the chair, next to me… just like things should be!)

SO in the new year, i resolved to become the healthy person i’m dying to be

i figured it was time i checked in with myself on that front.

well, for the most part, things have been going pretty well. i have recommitted to going to the gym, and to seeing jillian again (although admittedly not as often as i should be)…

given the rollercoaster of extreme diets, weight loss, weight gain, self loathing, success and failure i’ve been on, my initial approach to this pursuit of finding a balanced healthy way of… well, getting healthy… was to resist COUNTING CALORIES.

i thought this was a good idea b/c i know how to be healthy, i just don’t always do it, and i didn’t want to count calories b/c i didn’t want to be obsessed.

however, while i have definitely improved with my eats, i know i can be better!

SO… ok ok OK… i’m going to count calories! i believe this will help me stay more accountable, AND it will keep me from excusing a snack here or there that i know creep up in calories, but when i don’t count, i can act like it’s not as big of a deal.

second, i am going to focus on eating 5 or so small meals per day, rather than 3 larger meals. for an interesting discussion on this topic surf on over to my new pal holly’s abode (love her!!), the reason for this is it will keep me from getting TOO HUNGRY b/c when that happens…

a) i’m less likely to go to the gym after work b/c all i can think about is how hungry i am

2) i’m more likely to overeat, which is what happens when i let myself get too hungry between meals, and

d) i’m more likely to be sluggish after a meal b/c i’ve eaten too much b/c i’ve let myself get too hungry

wow, is that a vicious cycle or what!?!?

i figure part of this journey is figuring out what works and what doesn’t!

that being said, here are some of today’s eats… not all of them, and not quality photos b/c all i had was my phone (i was a little off today with the anticipation of going to get my son!!)

breakfast and snack…

odwalla, un-pictured banana, apple, pb, and the KING of string cheese (TJ’s light)

i was SO proud of my lunch when i left the house this morning, but then…

ummm makeshift veggie pizza? basically?

i had these great pitas and figured i’d stuff half of one with TJ’s jalapeno/cilantro hummus, spinach, carrots, and sunshine veggie burger of the breakfast variety, with sliced pickle on the side. but at work i discovered the pita didn’t open… so instead i piled it all on top and wrestled with it for a while until i got it all down.

it tasted good, but the unanticipated wrestling match sort of ruined it for me!

i figured i could read “esquire” while i enjoyed my lunch, but after 10 minutes of the guys in the room drooling and howling like puppy dogs at blake lively on the front, i scooted it across the table and bugged out!

i left work early to pick up my doxie boy!! the dr. showed me his xrays (where the disc matter in his back was actually invading and pushing on nerves and his spinal cord)… and said he just adored farley and was really impressed with how quickly he’s recovering! i then signed in blood from the tip of my finger to give the surgeon my first born to satisfy the surgery debt, and we headed home!

anne made dinner b/c i wasn’t going to do anything except chill in the chair with farley…

it was GDW inspired… Alli, don’t be disappointed in me… it doesn’t do your example justice, but we worked with what we had, and it actually tasted pretty good!

brown rice, edamame, egg, and spicy jalapeno chicken sausage from TJ’s (which are awesome, in case anyone was wondering)

it’s SO good to have our farley boy home… he’s pretty wobbly in his back right leg b/c that’s the side of the spine the dr. had to remove the most yucky stuff from… (enjoy our retro kitchen floor)

but it should get better and better as he gains more strength…

for the next couple weeks he’ll be doing lots of this

(hobbling, but tail wagging!!)

and after two weeks he can start going on short walks
then in two months… he should be as good as new… which is a good thing b/c i have a feeling those squirrels in our backyard are going to be getting pretty cocky by that time!! 😉