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not all obsessions are bad…

well i haven’t been blogging, but that doesn’t mean i haven’t been doing anything worth talking about!

work has been crazy. when you’re the new kid you have to put in extra hours. JOY! i keep thinking, if i just get past this next week things will slow down. and then i realize, this is what having a real job is like… it’s not supposed to slow down. JOY!

luckily i’ve been finding fun ways to occupy my time, or most importantly, a fun person to occupy my time with.

introducing… SOPHIE!!

for the record, i absolutely adore this child! she is happy 99% of the time, and so easy to have around. i challenge anyone to spend a day with her and not have baby fever!

i’ve always loved taking photos. no, i’m not proclaiming myself a photographer and slapping up a website.

you are not a photographer… <— that's good stuff, just sayin!

but i am obsessed with sophie, and practicing my photo taking skills on her. luckily she doesn’t seem to mind, or she’s not old enough to roll her eyes at me yet!

SO, i thought i would post some cuteness for everyone to enjoy:

obviously the portland trailblazers should be paying this child to advertise for them!

it’s not normal how sweet this child is…

and don’t even get me started on her baby feet… seriously, is there anything cuter than baby feet?

and to the writer of this book… yes, sophie will be in your next ad campaign. just leave a comment on this blog and i’ll get you in touch with her agent.

now tell the truth… how many of you reading this are contemplating plans to have a child!?!? i told you… baby fever inducing!

and finally… sophie’s hat trick!

I’m All Grown Up!

Tonight we celebrated…

Because today I got a promotion and will no longer be underemployed!

But the celebration for me is really about the fact that I stepped out (ok pushed myself out) of my comfort zone, stood up for myself, and went after what I wanted…


live long and prosper…

that’s right…

anne is a trekkie, and we threw her a star trek, voyager birthday party!

she was captain janeway (obviously) and JR was her first officer, chakotay

uhura showed up… in more than one form!

and she hooked up with spock

and with worf!

haley and desi rocked the deep space nine bodysuits (how awesome are they!?!?)

chakotay found he had the hots for deanna troi

and maybe the hots for spock and captain kirk too??

captain janeway made sure her first officer was up to speed…

friends came from many quadrants to join the festivities

there were plenty of star trek eats… all inspired by our favorite cookbook

there was janeway birthday cake

we partied on the transporter

we weren’t sure if some guests were from outerspace or the land of elves??

the drinks were flowing (romulan ale, klingon blood wine, maporian ale, and trixian bubble juice)

we’re pretty sure spock had a few drinks b/c he started photo bombing…

and as i believe tends to happen given the strength of the romulan ale… some people started gettin frisky!

space… the final frontier!

high life / low life

well, at some point i hope to be able to post on a regular basis… but dang it’s been another stressful week!

but the difference is, this week also had some high points!

so let’s just get to it…

the other day at work i found out our firm had a suite at the blazer game… obviously i accepted the invitation to join everyone!

the view was pretty decent…

the spread was really fun…

nacho bar

pasta salad, veggie tray, and sw chicken wraps

the wraps were really good

gold fish snack mix, popcorn, and dessert tray

we even had binoculars on our chairs

it was a pretty suite night!!!

one could certainly get used to living the high life!

oh but that was NOT in the cards for me… the other morning, i rolled myself out of bed, complaining b/c i did not want to go to the gym, dragging and grumbling i opened the door… to a lake in my front yard!!

apparently our water main busted and had been filling up the yard and running down the street all night… that’s one way to get out of going to the gym!

we shut the water off at the curb and called the plumbers…

consoled myself with a green monster…

$2,000 later…

we have a new water main (can you see the old nasty one next to it??)… but are still waiting for the inspection before we can backfill it all…

definitely a LOW point!!

at least we’ve had some good food!

greens… literally…

i had some green veggies i needed to use up or suffer the agony of food gone bad

broc, asparagus, edamame, brussells with italian seasoning, garlic powder, and sea salt

plus a boca burger, sandwich thin, feta spread, dijon, dill pickle

and a dirty rugby player for dessert…

isn’t the teen a lil dreamboat in the making!?!?!

i guess we could sit around and sulk about the stream of misfortune and CRAPOLA we’ve all been enduring lately, but nahhhhh…

this weekend we’re busy busy busy… it’s ANNE’S BIRTHDAY WEEKEND Y’ALL!!!!!

our friend kim is in town from LA, and of course found time for snuggling

indulging in smoothies (tropical green and chocolate/cherry)

watching the teen play rugby…

and NOW, we’re off to the birthday party. it’ll make for quite possibly the best post ever… but for now, i’ll leave you with a hint as to the nature of the festivities…


it’s the freakin weekend…

baby i’m about to have me some fun

ok, that’s basically a lie… there’s not much going on around here tonight.

BUT this morning… someone came up with a new game!

if there’s any question about whether we’ve got a water dog in our house… porter’s new morning game is to stick his whole head into the shower and get it all wet.

silly furry child!

and for those who are wondering… 85 lbs!

i’m feeling lazy, so in the style of one of the hippest chicas around… this is going to be quick and dirty!

i am getting into the habit of coming home from the gym in the morning and packing my food for the day. i know, it’s not that exciting nor is it a novel idea, but hey, i’m celebrating the baby steps!!

i packed a supa tasty salad…

naked… but of course i didn’t leave it at that…

morning star buffalo fake chicken nugs

light ranch / frank’s swirl.

all mixed together for lunch, this was a WINNER WINNER UN-CHICKEN… ummm… lunch??

i had breakfast at work…

some green monster action

1c almond milk
2c spinach
1 banana

i know the green monster is not new to a lot of people, but on the off chance it’s new to anyone reading this… trust me when i say TRY THIS SMOOTHIE! try adding spinach to any smoothie… i swear on my doxie’s life you cannot taste the spinach! and adding spinach to your diet can work wonders! energy, skin glow, etc.

just do it! and then come back and thank me!

work was a freak show… so dinner was my go to i’m exhausted and do NOT want to cook spot…

laughing planet!

i love having a place so close to my house where i can snag something quick, but not horrible for me!

plus, it’s such a fun place…

i had the green chile burrito with tofu on a whole wheat tortilla

never fails to be delightful!

we actually don’t have much planned for the weekend.

until sunday anyway…

i LOVE the oscars… and i hope i’m right when i say i think steve martin and alec baldwin are going to be hilarious!!

did you see “it’s complicated”????

are you an oscar fan? who do you think will take the top prizes??
according to roger ebert, this year is too predictable:
best actress – sandra bullock
best actor – jeff bridges
movie – hurt locker

do you agree???

i’m torn about best actress… sandra bullock has put the years in, but something about me is pulling for gabourey sidibe…??? did you read “push”… or see “precious”?? there aren’t words…

for a complete list of nominations, go HERE

not so mad iPhone skillz

sup suckas!?!

so last night, the teen was monopolizing my right arm (aka macbook) so that he could get his homework on… i had a brilliant idea to just post a little blog entry from my iPhone. OMG i’m a genius!! i’ve got mad skillz!!

ummm i either couldn’t or was too dumb to figure out how to post photos from my iPhone… a blog post with no photos? PASS

so here i am this morning to do a quick recap of yesterday’s happs… my hair is wet and i’m supposed to leave the house in about 20 minutes, so this is going to be snappy and most likely, kinda lame.

don’t say i didn’t warn you!


desk drawer oats, splash of ff hazelnut creamer, dollop peanut butter… i stirred in the PB before i thought to take a photo


i took my friend nakia on her first tour de whole foods during lunch, and we partook of the HOT BAR. chile verde chicken over lettuce with cheese and cilantro/onion…
if there’s chile verde chicken perfection, whole foods found it!

i have a feeling nakia and i will be making the trek to the hot bar more often, as she was pretty much overtaken with joy upon entering the healthy living mothership!

later i enjoyed half of my first ever larabar

after work i hopped the train and headed up to Portland State so my ol pal JR could give me a ride home since anne had a meeting, and i was therefore, stranded downtown.

i used to ride the train everyday when i lived in the ‘burbs… yesterday reminded me of how good the people watching and listening others’ conversations is on the train!! haha

walking to JR’s office i was also reminded…

i love these bikeracks that appear all over the city…

a lil bit of trivia for you…

did you know 30% of portland commuters do so via bicycle??

and while it has caused some “share the road” issues, i think it’s fabulous and i don’t mind sharing…

it was pretty much farley and i at home last night, so i made some dinner

tj’s whole grain bun, boca shroom/mozz veggie burger, pickle, spinach, feta

i added some carrots with a drizzle of low fat ranch

photo after my first bite… oopsie!

and a ginormous orange…

i watched the olympics (i’ve become a fan of snowboard cross) and farley…

well, farley was really busy…

the olympics… what’s your take? summer or winter? favorite events??

i used to love figure skating, but this time around i’m finding i am enjoying the skiing (with the exception of the event where they ski with the rifles strapped to their backs)… and i’m really excited for the half pipe!!


holy dinner high!!

but first, a couple things to say:
a) Jillian + Susan = Love/Hate Relationship
2) last night after work i hit the gym, and 30 minutes of hard cardio flew by as i rocked out to some great tunes. it reminded me… a good playlist can get you through just about anything!
d) i’m heading to seattle tomorrow, not for a fun weekend, but i’m not gonna lie, i’m hoping that between hospital visits, we can still enjoy one of my favorite cities on the west siiiiiiiide

i have some eats to cruise through… i’ve been kickin butt with staying on the healthy track:


0% greek yogurt, my favorite granola, BIG HUNKS of pineapple. i’ve been craving fruit, why i crave it during the season it’s least available is a mystery to me!

if you had to guess whether i was running horribly behind this morning… right!


lunch today was Nong’s Khao Man Gai (b/c my friend at work has been begging me to take her so she can try it)… holy moly this joint was hoppin today and it took us about 30 minutes to get our food. WORTH THE WAIT
(here’s an old photo b/c i didn’t take any today)

Nong… i heart you!!!


this picture sucks, but i was tired and faaaaamished after the gym last night, so this was all the effort i gave it!
at our house we call this dinner “a bowl”… it was black beans, a little rice (admittedly, white rice, although i prefer brown, i wasn’t cooking, so i didn’t complain), salsa, lite mexican shredded cheese, dollop of 0% plain greek yogurt, and a little bit of yumm sauce.

now for dinner tonight… let me tell you, when you have a gift card AND a coupon, AND haven’t satisfied your craving in more than a couple months, you know what you do???


i don’t care where you live, or where you eat sushi…
BAMBOO SUSHI IS KING!!! <— go here! read about this restaurant!

Bamboo Sushi is the first “sustainable” sushi restaurant in the United States!! (i know there is also one in london, not sure where else)… in general terms, this restaurant is very careful about how their fish is caught, where it comes from, how it gets to them, and whether things are in season or not etc etc. i also love that the owner is a 28 year old guy! REALLY, i encourage you to read about bamboo sushi, the owner, the practices etc… it’s a neat story/concept!

but most importantly, i mean let’s be honest… THE SUSHI IS A-FREAKING-MAZING!!!!!

we hit it up tonight with a group of friends… the result… Ginormous Sushi-Gasms!!

(much love for the SAKE FLIGHT)

(that roll with the red sprinkle… is topped with sake poached pears… PHENOM)

(one way to recognize a good sushi restaurant… this salmon does not have any of those white fatty lines running through it… LEGIT)

and finally, my favorite part of the meal…

a humble little bowl of red crab sashimi… *drool*

on top of every single bite i took being to die for… i’m going to take this moment to say that i was proud of myself at dinner tonight!
– i shared a sake flight (as opposed to having several glasses to myself, or ordering up several cocktails)
– i didn’t eat anything tempura or otherwise fried
– i only ate until i was satisfied… not until i just couldn’t stuff in anymore food

and i realized, it made for a very pleasant, guilt and discomfort free evening.

hey, i said… i’m celebrating the little triumphs in 2010 too!

Question… i never thought i would like sushi (and honestly, i still pass on cheap or mediocre sushi), but the good stuff… GET IN MY BELLY!! is there any food you never thought you’d eat that you’re now in love with!??!?!

the grand finale!!

i am sneaking in a quick post at work before i head out to celebrate NYE (i’ll give you a not so subtle hint how i’m ringing in the new year)

but before i jet, i just HAD to post the grand finale of THE TOUR DE TACKY!!

i’ll keep you in suspense just a bit though… in my christmas posting i realized i never shared the most exciting gift i received!!

WHA WHA!!! so clearly i’m like the last person trying to transition to a much healthier lifestyle to acquire said equipment, but hey, i was proud of myself for waiting until christmas rather than just buying it for myself (i in fact received TWO magic bullets… apparently i whined to everyone i knew about how much i wanted one)

SO this morning i thought i’d whip out the bullet and make a madre guisante smoothie bowl for breakfast!!

my friend JR scooped me up a jethro sized almond butter from costco last night…

mmmmmmmmmmm YUMMMMM

so i knew a hefty dollop of that would be involved!

i measured nothing and just tossed a few things in (b/c of course my ride was already waiting for me)…

*greek yogurt
*almond milk
*frozen mango chunks
*couple ice cubes
*large-ish dollop of almond butter
(i’m not a big sweetener fan, so i didn’t add any extra sugar or sugar substitute)

i watched the bullet work its magic… tossed in some bear naked fit vanilla almond granola…

and enjoyed along side a nice cup of coffee………………

wait, if you missed any of the previous installments…

Introducing, The Tour de Tacky (2 mugs)

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7


…………………………. are you ready???




ok, so it just dawned on me this may not be as funny for people who do not know the person on this mug (and although i wouldn’t call him “innocent” i have covered part of his face to protect his identity… although if you know this person, you can still totally tell who it is!)

but seriously?!?!?

this mug is a big conversation piece at work… who will use the mug? (the last person was the “new guy” on his first or second day! brave that one!)

having a mug with your children on it is one thing, but yourself on the mug too… and shirtless no less???

tacky zjf… TACKY!!

but hilarious… so please let us keep the mug!

in case you wanted one more look…

and so we bid farewell to The Tour De Tacky!!

happy new year!!!

christmas for 40?!?!

helloooooo puppets! so my original plan was to finish posting photos from my christmas excursion last night… but when i walked out of work and found this:

i knew it was going to be a long night.
rather than spend the next 4 hours in storm-ageddon traffic, we opted to hang downtown in hopes the traffic would clear. so naturally, we went to a bar…

we waited until after 7:00 and it still ended up taking us over 2 hours to get home! people of portland, if you’re out there, STOP VAPOR LOCKING IN 3 INCHES OF SNOW…
that being said, i didn’t get any photos posted last night.

so here i go, but first, i, of course have to kick things off right… with the second to last installment of the tour de tacky!!! i only have one more mug after this, and trust me, there’s a reason i saved it for last!!!

but for now…

i know this isn’t completely offensive, but we’re talking office coffee mugs here… how did this flowery teacup get into the stash??
oh, perhaps you can’t appreciate the best thing about this “mug”…

really? what kind of a cup of coffee is this tinkerbell size thing supposed to hold!?!??!

like i said… trust me… you do not want to miss tomorrow’s mug! it was the original inspiration for the tour de tacky, and is actually a real conversation piece at the firm!

as for my christmas photos… here goes nothin!

my family has a pretty set christmas tradition… get up and open at mom and dad’s house, then the other siblings and their kids come over for round two, and then we all have breakfast together.

last year i decided to start a tradition… i am going to get my nieces christmas pj’s each year for them to wear to bed christmas eve. i was excited to see when they made their way to my parents’ house this year, they were still wearing their jammies!

has anyone else noticed addie is into doing a LOT of posing these days??

some highlights from the gift extravaganza…

(yes a metal detector, and yes he was excited)

(ooooh awwwww quarter zips just like our daddy likes!!)

(fancy nancy!!)

(super cute nikes purchased at a super discounted rate!)

then we all enjoyed christmas breakfast…

(did you notice the “last supper” picture with the gangster lean?? oopsie!)

then given that my sister threw her back out and was supposed to be hosting 40 of our closest family members for dinner, i headed over to her house early and began setting the tables.

again, addie greeted the guests and monitored the appetizers…

i made pomtinis with the LARGE jug of POM juice i conned my sister into buying for me at costco!

(oh, sidenote** speaking of pomtinis… right around the time the first round of pomtinis was poured my medicated sister sideswiped my glass and poured an entire pomtini all over my little camera… so blame her, or the pills, for the quality of most of these photos. it limped along for a while, but the camera is completely nonfunctioning now. i’m hoping if i take it and have the booze residue cleaned out of it i can get it going again)

anyhooo… moving along…

dinner was kicked off with my father saying grace (ok, maybe he led us in “my country tis of theeeee” in true “christmas vacation” style), and then we all got our grub on!

later we had a small game of “apples to apples” going…

dawn (yes, still “hopped up”) enjoyed a small bite of dessert

i’m not sure how this happened, but apparently there were then some ropes being jumped in the living room???

then a hot game of scattergories was played, during which dawn tried to explain to us just how milking a cow could legitimately fall under the category, “leisure activities”…

we pretty much closed down the place with the completion of the scattergories game.

the next morning i woke up to find addie admiring her new polly pocket structure

we quickly decided a candyland tournament was in the cards!

she appears angelic, no? but trust me, when you’re 5… it’s REALLY hard to not win at every game of candyland! my favorite was when we were both nearing the end of the trail and addie pulled the dreaded gingerbread man card (that means you have to go back to the beginning of the game)… she clutched the card close to her chest, her eyes stared straight ahead… the card came slamming down onto the table and i heard, “I QUIT”… done, out, game over!! hahahahaha DRAMA

but she quickly changed her mind and was back once i started shuffling cards again!

there was only one thing that could have busted up the candyland marathon… and it was a trip with the girls to see “the squeakquel” (that’s the second chipmunk movie for those not in the loop!!)

given that alexis was still recovering from the tonsilectomy, and had overdone it on christmas, she had to stay behind and rest =(
addie made herself comfortable in the van…

(notice those cute shoes from the nike employee store… i wonder who would have given her those for christmas??)

it was mission accomplished!!

the next morning i had to get up early and make my way to the airport… an uneventful hour flight, and i was back in portland…

christmas is definitely a time i want nothing more than to be with my family! we have so much fun, and this year was no exception! thanks for allowing me a couple days of reliving the shenanigans.

family, i love you!

christmas pre-funk

happy post holiday recovery period!
for the life of me i could NOT get into work today, luckily i had a trio of tacky mugs to help get me in the mood…

what you can’t appreciate in this photo is that these mugs are actually a lovely shade of pale pink with shiny gold trim… oooooooooh awwwwwwww beeeeautiful!

and because i’m less than enthused about getting back to the post holiday grind, i thought i’d do a couple posts to recap my trip home for christmas. i kind of detached from the computer altogether while i was home, so i have lots of photos and fun to share.

i landed in boise on wednesday just before lunch, and was happy to see that it was more “wintery” there than it was in portland

my sister and cousins scooped me up and we went to do just a little bit of last minute shopping at costco…

i sometimes forget how great costco is!
exhibit A:

seriously with that price for the jethro size jar?? i may have cruised by this free sample table more than once for the almond butter/cracker combo!

we made the 40 minute trip to my hometown. i immediately made my way to see my nieces!! alexis had just had her tonsils out, so while she was excited to see me, she was obviously feeling less than superb… but she’s adorable nonetheless!

addie was sportin some excellent socks!

ummm good pose addie, but we can’t see the socks!

there we go!
sock model anyone??

my mom had planned a dinner to celebrate my arrival, so my brothers and sister and the kiddos all came over. i stopped to marvel at the randomness of the christmas lights…

and i was so excited to see that my old basketball hoop is still good for something!

we popped in “christmas vacation” and the girls went right to work sorting and manhandling the gifts!

it was a really fun first night at home, and even lego got to join the festivities! at 14, she’s still beautiful!!

the next morning (christmas eve) i popped out of bed early to head down to the family biz with pops where each morning he and his cronies gather for coffee and solving the world’s problems.

this was one wave of visitors… the photos cannot possibly convey the amount of jokes, old stories, new gossip, and laughter that happens with this group!!

after the coffee clatch, my dad and i enjoyed about an hour walk around our little town. it was great to just spend some time with him, walking and chatting.

as tradition would have it, we all attended christmas eve mass and then got together for a christmas pre-funk of finger foods and drinks, a random christmas movie, and plenty of laughter!

addie and alexis greeted everyone…

addie may have been into just a little bit of chocolate…

my sister threw her back out, so we got her primed up with pills and booze… i think by this point, she wasn’t feelin too much pain!

her boys got into the southern comfort…

and then once the beverages started kickin in… the brother talk got a little more serious…

but that didn’t last long…

aren’t they just so handsome? total goobers… but handsome nonetheless!

my brother in law was staying mentally sharp (santa search and find)…

and luckily when he got stuck, alexis was there to lend a hand…

my brother passed out shots of boones farm wine (that’s what i said… it’s kind of a family joke) for a christmas pre-funk toast (pay special attention to the very end where my aforementioned sister who was hopped up on booze and pills added a finishing touch)…

and when we were all pre-funked out…

we called it a night!