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bowling for sight…

well, one of my goals for 2011 was to revive my blog… how am i doing so far??? FAIL

i actually do have a pretty good excuse though…

a couple weeks ago i woke up feeling like someone was sitting on my chest. of course i immediately concluded i was dying of heart failure… the doctor said it was “just a virus” and sent me packin with no drugs, just an “it should get better on its own”… WELL 5 days, a trip to urgent care, and a chest xray later, i had pneumonia!

needless to say i not only haven’t felt like computing, i haven’t taken any pictures, done much of anything productive, or even made it through a whole day of work in two weeks!

so what could i possibly be here to ramble on and on about??? well, BOWLING FOR SIGHT of course!

many months ago, anne and i made the trek to idaho to participate in a bowling fundraiser for my local Lions Club

(a mullet is preferred but not required for membership)

the Lions Club mission is: “To empower volunteers to serve their communities, meet humanitarian needs, encourage peace and promote international understanding through Lions clubs.” i am proud to say members of my family have been involved with Lions Club for many years, and i was excited to get to go home and participate in the bowling fundraiser with my family’s team!

i never blogged about the big day, and have regretted it. so when i read GDW‘s do gooder post… it reminded me of our bowling extravaganza, and i feel i should give it its proper moment in the spotlight!


we invaded the local bowling alley, “Freedom Lanes” – yes, you read that right!

we had official pins (WARNING: blinking pins may cause seizures)… and we went all out and got a team sponsor, “umpire camps”

the locals came out for the big fundraiser!

we had good luck charms

rented shoes

high class catering

enthusiastic fans!

ball selection and warmups…

i won an incredible door prize!!!

as the competition heated up, so did mary!

security was on hand in case anything got out of hand…

team spirit was everywhere!

there was an auction to raise the big bucks, with some seriously killer prizes!!

while we were there to help raise money, and spend time together…

when the ginormous trophy was revealed… the competition reached a new level!

some pulled out their super serious bowling form…

there was hope…


and by god there was triumph!!

now that’s what i call a fundraiser!


back to liiiife, back to reality

anyone remember that song!??!

we all survived the drama of the past couple weeks, and are getting back into the swing of things at home.

i dumped over 200 photos off the camera (don’t worry i’m not in turn dumping ALL of them on you)… so i figured a post of updates at random is in order:

RANDOM outdoor fun in cle elum, washington

grandpa denny’s pups

ray (known as “all the way ray” given that he’s rockin 3 legs)


and belle, she was grandpa denny’s favorite pup… she went everywhere with him…

she’s SO cute… i wanted to bring her home with us so bad…


anne’s hilarious/adorable nephew david requested a photo shoot

a kiwi’s first trip to the states… first pup snuggle, first snowmobile, first snow, first family memorial

(above is proof that no matter what country you’re from… the women will bitch at you if you mess up their photo)

our cute doggies

and… shout outs for denny

the day denny passed away, anne and i enjoyed a tanqueray and tonic in his honor…

his memorial was in cle elum, washington… a place quite different from portland… many a 3/4 ton pickup truck etc.

(i learned that the huge stump at the entrance of denny’s property was actually on his old piece of land… he thought it was so neat that he had his guys haul it over when he bought this new property)

it’s been a crazy couple weeks, and while it felt odd to not be posting anything on a regular basis, i felt like i needed to devote time and energy elsewhere for a while.

but now we’re all getting back to reality, and i’m looking forward to getting back into a normal routine… which included getting back to the gym this morning!

and on that note, i must get to sleep so i can get my morning sweat on again tomorrow.

i leave you with this lil gem….

there are popular bumper stickers here that say…


i’m not sure if it’s good or bad, but i’ve never had to stop and think about what that bumper sticker means…

see you tomorrow!!

NYE… weekend??


did most people celebrate NYE for several days?? well, you should have!!

due to unforeseen events i will get to in a bit… i feel like i’m kind of just now getting back up to speed… so while it’s a few days late, here’s my NYE recap!!

anne and i got invited to spend NYE at the coast with our friends Bob and Cheng, and seeing as they are two of the funniest guys around, we quickly accepted!!

their friends own this little “inn” in Lincoln City, and they had said it was “quaint” and “not fancy” so we weren’t quite sure what we were in for.

the drive was foggy, but beautiful…

i love the drive from portland to the coast because you drive through this most of the way…

until you just suddenly come up over a hill and drop down onto the coast…

so we rolled up to The Historic Anchor Inn… and oh my gosh, it’s hard to even describe this place, so i’ll just say it’s cute, eccentric, funky, fun, uber friendly, and is my new favorite place on the coast!

the rooms are like little cabins and in each cabin as well as throughout the main hotel, lobby, living room, hallways, bar etc… there is funky decor and old photos and lamps etc.. EVERYWHERE!
but it works. it doesn’t feel tacky… it’s just fun!

here’s the lobby… i just LOVE all the old photos (many of them signed)… bob told us the owner loves to buy whole estates then keep what he wants and sell the rest, so most of the old signed photos have probably been acquired that way…

there was a “31” tournament at the inn, so we kicked the night off right

(shot of jager in a lord of the rings glass)

then went on a quick outing with bob and cheng…

then headed back to the inn for the 31 tourney… clearly it was to be serious, check out the high end trophies!

we played cards for quite a while, and rang in the new year, but when it was clear the tourney was going to go well into the next morning, we explored the inn a little more, then hit the sack.

the next morning we joined up with bob and cheng again to head to my favorite section of the coast, “depot bay”

it was really windy and stormy…

once we got to depot bay we wandered around some little shops and i was excited to hit my favorite saltwater taffy store from when i was a kid!

there’s a popular spot along the highway in depot bay where the waves crash right up against the sidewalk, and on this particular day, because of the storm, the waves were insane… soaking people standing along the sidewalk and crashing clear over onto the highway!!

the rest of the day consisted of being disappointed in the oregon ducks’ rose bowl showing, enjoying some blue moon, and later, another trip to the casino.

we headed back to portland the next morning, but not before stopping for one last soaking up of the coast air and views…

we made a quick detour on the way home to see three of my favorite girls!!! Mama Pea offered to send us home with some of her vegan german chocolate cupcakes, and after seeing how much the lil peas loved them…

anything that’s good enough for gigi to eat off the floor, is sure to be YUMMY!!

after leaving the girls we were looking forward to just getting home, unpacking, and relaxing… ohhhhh nooooo… apparently the teens had other plans for us!

we arrived home to find the aftermath of an unauthorized new year’s eve party…

a broken toilet paper holder

a mound of unidentified bedding

a broken and then put back together ping pong table… (see the extra set of holes??)

and a case of pabst!?!?

i’m sure you can guess how the rest of the evening went… ughhhhhhh

so with the exception of a few issues upon our return home… our little NYE trip was a blast!!

happy new year to everyone!!
i’ll leave you with a super cute photo of… porter’s first encounter with.. SNOW!!!

OH WAIT… one more thing!!

one of my most favoritest bloggers is having a giveaway and you should like totally check it out… she’s featuring some products that i’m just dying to try!!