… shaking it off… and heading out in search of balance…

well, here it is… a new year, a new outlook, a fresh start, a string of ridiculous cliches…

i have thought on and off for months about reviving my old friend THE BLOG, but struggled with a good angle? how often to post? a food blog? a photo blog? a what’s happenin in our crazy life blog? and clearly nothing happened…

when i read my favorite crazy dog lady and all around awesome chica’s blog about the new year, it struck a nerve. so here i am!

let’s be henry frank, 2010 sucked!!!

but 2011, i honestly think it’s going to be another story! i guess there’s no crystal ball telling me as much, but i have a feeling, and really, i don’t see that it can be much worse… onward and upward, there’s nowhere to go but up, it’s always darkest before the dawn, cliches are awesome!

plus, i ❤ numero 11… always have, always will

SO i've made a list… i'm sharing it with you… and the plan for my little slice of the blog world in 2011, is to dazzle you with babble about whatever comes as a result of the list…

eleven in twenty eleven:

1. TV Rots Your Brain
2. Hit The Pavement
3. Drop The Extra Baggage
4. Let’s Go To The Movies
5. Bring Home The Bacon
6. Learn the Ropes
7. Supper Club
8. Blog It Out
9. Say Cheese
10. Enjoy The Arts
11. Sew… a needle pulling thread…

viola!! more to come

Happy New Year!!


Comments on: "eleven in twenty eleven" (7)

  1. Love it! 🙂 Except now all I can think about is bacon and I’m humming that damn Sound of Music song 😛 As long as 2011 involves you and blogging – I’m happy with it! 🙂 hugs!

  2. Challise said:


  3. happy new year! SO glad to see you back 🙂

  4. Melissa Mae said:

    YAAA FINALLY! I am thinking about starting a picture blog like the one I am doing on facebook of things that make me happy! But writing a little more than what I have on facebook about the picture.

    • susan said:

      you should do it!!!
      just please don’t use blogger b/c it takes an act of congress just to leave a freakin comment 😉

  5. It’s about frickin’ frackin’ time.

    I second the not using blogger thing. If I have to enter one more word verification code I’m going to implode. Or “diujeer.” Whatever that is.

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