… shaking it off… and heading out in search of balance…

last night we had a little oscar “party” (interpretation: anne has the flu so nikki braved the sick house to watch the oscars with us)… i whipped up a few bites of food (Disclaimer: i used the flash, i know i know, unacceptable… but the lighting was bad)

of course we started with mocktails…

then food…

flat out/turkey/avocado/homemade sundried tomato spread/spinach… rollll ups

nikki’s flatbread

veggies, chipotle hummus, tj’s whole grain pita chips

everything was pretty yum-o and kept us busy sipping and nibbling throughout the festivities

SO… how did everyone feel about the oscar results?? i was torn… i’m just gonna say it, i don’t think “the hurt locker” was the best picture. i didn’t think it was a bad film, but best picture??? nah…

HOWEVER, what i did love about the oscars last night was that it was definitely a night for the ladies!

and appropriately so, given that March is Women’s History Month and today is INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton posted a brief but great statement on the importance of “investing in the potential of the world’s women and girls…”

i loved seeing so many strong, classy, intelligent, beautiful women at the oscars last night…

gabourey sidibe is so sweet and full of life… i bet she would be a hilarious friend!

mo nique showed us that we can’t let people who doubt us or tell us we “can’t” run our lives

meryl streep is so classy and fun… i actually love that she’s uncomfortable on the red carpet

kathryn bigelow… first female to win best director is fantastic!

but i know i’m not alone in saying, for me, the night belonged to sandra bullock!

she was so beautiful last night, but it wasn’t even her “look” that i think was so beautiful. her acceptance speech was one of my favorites ever, and i was so touched by her words, in particular where she kind of dedicated it to “the moms that take care of the babies and the children no matter where they came from

she said those mothers and parents don’t get the credit they should, and i couldn’t agree with her more. i come from a family close to adoption, and as is the case with many subjects, the media only reports the negative side. and that’s so sad b/c there are so many tremendous adoption stories of lives saved, families made whole, love, and happiness…

our family would not be complete without it…

brothers wouldn’t have each other…

important moments would be missed…

the world’s problems may not be solved…

who would cousins be proud of?

shenanigans would be lacking…

we would all be missing out on one of the best senses of humor…

i love you chrissy… i couldn’t imagine my life without you!


Comments on: "let’s hear it for the girls" (4)

  1. I cried like a baby during Sandra’s speech!

    We were really psyched about Hurt Locker since a) my husband was a Marine and felt it was one of the most realistic “war” movies made, and b) we saw it at the film festival and Kathryn Bigelow spoke afterwards with such heart and sincerity. Plus I wanted her to kick James Cameron’s ass (soooo interesting that they cut to a long shot after she stood up instead of keeping the camera on her – I’m dying to know what went on there! I did see one pic of James faux-strangling her but I don’t know when it happened. What an ass he is).

    I didn’t see Precious but it’ll be on our Netflix list.

    Yummy eats – I’ve been craving sun-dried tomatoes for some reason – have you posted the recipe?

  2. Challise said:

    You don’t even care that I’M adopted into this family???? J/k… good post Sus 🙂

  3. Mouse Inspector, Kip, Chrissy, Kipper, Lil Knut, Marshmellow said:

    Well this is by far one of the sweetest things someone has EVER done for me and it is amazing! I have so much to be thankful for and I really love everyone in my life! But all the shenanigans , humor, moments, brothery love, cousins, and being complete is what my family DID for me. Sure i started out being a normal baby (just a lightweight around 4.5 lbs) but ever since the day i was scooped up by the wild eyed Knudsons and the sure shot Hilers my life took a 180 for the better. Every single family member still with us or not has impacted my life and molded me into who i am today. From being instructed on how life should be and advice from Hobbs and Mrs Hobbs, reaching waaaaay out there with my brother, making jokes and learning the rules of the law and knowing when a chinese fire drill is important! from Susan and Challliese and all my Aunts!, From laying down next to Lego and seeing that all that really matters is love (if ya pet her), from loose cannons of O’Connors and learning how to be creative and go after what you really want, learning acceptance and caring from both families outtings, Learning what not to say from Uncle John.

    But I give most credit to who I am today and who really shaped me and still are, are my parents.

    Dad “Iron Sides” Knudson who never let me quit, never let me settle for something less, who never let just get by or coast, someone you taught me about struggling til I won and who shaped my heart and sharpened my mind and showed me what it really means to be a Father, Teacher, Coach. He showed me how to stay strong, how to turn the other cheek and still kick ass, he taught me how to lead. He is my Hero and always will be.

    Delta Dawn Hiler Knudson showed me the caring sides of life, how to care, how to love, how to get in someones shoes and appreciate life, how to socially engage and be the nice guy, always telling me how she didnt care about the other kids just me and ben, she showed me courage and passion by example, she taught me how to use my head, she has always been there when i needed her. My parents are both my Heros/ Heroines. and I will always be thankful for how lucky i am to have this wonderful family and life.

  4. krisann said:

    I’m crying over here!


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