… shaking it off… and heading out in search of balance…

that’s what farley was saying this evening, when i strapped him into his harness for his FIRST WALK since having back surgery!!

we went for a short walk (although he wanted to cruise the entire city of portland)… i noticed after about a block that he was trying to go too fast, so he would kind of skip and pick up his right back leg b/c it couldn’t keep up. i decided that meant it was time to head back… baby steps little boy… baby steps.

if you look close, you can see the scar down his back… it’s no joke!

but that was this evening…

i really need to start with last night…

which is when some dudes came to deliver my new bed. once they got it set up i was thinking, ummm i’m not sure this is the bed that i ordered, but i second guessed myself, and didn’t say anything. so i went to bed last night, and immediately knew O MAR COD, this is NOT the bed i bought! it was as hard as a rock! i was SO annoyed, didn’t sleep well, and woke up this morning with a totally achey body!

i know, i know, such dramatics! but i am a soft bed girl, and simply cannot stand hard beds!

waking up on the wrong side of the bed on a wooden plank, i knew i needed two things:



work was nutso, so by the time i escaped to make the trek to khao man gai, i had no idea where my phone was, and never took a photo… but you can read all about nong and her vietnamese street food crack HERE, and it’s worth it… it was IN-CRED-IBLE, per the usual!!

i’d like to wipe the rest of the day from my memory, sooooo moving right along…

when i left the building today i was so excited to see some color sprouting from the bare wintery trees…

it’s mind bottling how you can see this…

then right next to it…

spring is a comin and there’s nada like spring in PTizzle!

i got home to find the bed fairy had solved our problems, and my SOFT heavenly pillow top bed was in the room and made… i seriously contemplated going to bed at 6 p.m.!

the new bed is significantly higher than the old one, so the side tables look lame, and the new bedding doesn’t really jive with the picture anymore (i know challise, the pictures screams IKEA)… so that needs to disappear too. it’s ok though… i am so excited about my new slumber zone!

farley on the other hand… he and monkey are NOT happy about the new bed height!

anne was one of the lucky ones today, and didn’t have to work, so she was kind enough to make dinner!

while she was doin her thang, my lunch was loooong gone and i was starvin, so i snacked on two sticks of crack

and some new baked chips anne scored today, with surprisingly decent health stats… for chips!

serving size = 20 chips
calories = 120
fat = 3
fiber = 2
protein = 2
(given the flavor is SALT n vinegar, we won’t talk about the sodium content… mmm k?)

i only had a couple chips b/c i wanted to make sure i was sufficiently hungry… anne was makin a bomb ass dinner!

from the new “cooking light“… anne made mine with feta (i don’t dig the blue fuzzy cheeses)

the buffalo “sauce” (anne made it more chunky like a pico/salsa) was SO good… and the brussels went perfectly with it (just cooked on the stove with a tiny bit of olive oil and salt/pepper)


well, that’s it! duty calls… i finally finished season 2 of Damages, so now i’m going to get a little closer to caught up by watching the first episode of season 3…

if you do not watch “Damages“… you need to get seasons 1 and 2 PRONTO. it’s genius!! and glenn close RULES!



Comments on: "let’s go let’s go let’s GO!!" (7)

  1. So much to say…

    Farley reminds me of me post-surgery. Can I run yet, can I run yet, can I run yet????

    I love the cherry blossoms in P-town!

    I also love your bedroom! I’ve never seen it before…that wasn’t part of the tour, just the airplane bathroom and gold sparkle booth.

    I have like 60 back issues of Cooking Light if you guys want any or all. Lots of fantastic recipes, but not really my thang anymore.

    Please don’t give me anymore TV shows to watch. I’ve only got 5 episodes of Modern Family left to be caught up!

  2. I heart Farley boy! ๐Ÿ™‚

    UM – DAMAGES = BEST.SHOW.EVER! Although – we don’t have cable and I used to watch it on Hulu – but now Hulu doesn’t have it so I think I’ve only seen Season 1 and part of Season 2. Maybe I need to restart my Netflix subscription! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • susan said:

      ummm how do you even live without netflix?? haha
      damages is totally worth it!!

      season 3 just started (with martin short as an a-hole attorney – so good!), i’ve seen the first episode and i was already saying, “WHAT? OMG what in the heck is going on??”

      LOVE IT

  3. ummm that chicken! yes please. i think i might buy that magazine just for that recipe. and i am so glad the lil’ punkin is doing better and venturing out on his first walk!

    i think we need to start the work is nutso club, because i am about ready to burst.

  4. Challise said:

    I totally noticed the IKEA picture BEFORE I saw you were calling me out. At least I’m not predictable.

  5. Kelly said:

    Ok, I think it’s time I tried brussel sprouts. Ugh, I SO don’t want to, but they look really good on your plate.

    • susan said:

      ohhh brussels ARE good! they have gotten such a bad reputation, and it’s sad!

      chop them up a little, and either put them in the oven or saute them with a tiny bit of olive oil, and just salt n pepa

      OR you can shred them in the food processsor… my friend does that, then cooks on the stove with whatever seasoning, and adds a pinch of sugar to eliminate any potential bitterness.

      you’ll have to try it and let me know what you think!

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