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head of the class!

we just got home from puppy class!!!

but first, a few other items of business!

a) i was away for the weekend, and b/c the reason for a trip to seattle was a sick family member, i really didn’t take many pictures, and we didn’t get much of a chance to enjoy the city =(

i did manage to capture a couple highlights though…

i snagged this snack when we stopped for gas, and paired it with a delicious bottle of water… i hadn’t seen this variety of chex mix before, and when the options were basically this, or…

i easily made the decision to love my arteries!

it was good… spiiiiicy!

2) then one evening we were finishing up dinner at chef liao in seattle (where i had buddhist tofu), when, as i moved toward the door to leave, i nearly scoffed at the bowl of mints sitting there, until… OH MY HECK… could it be!?!?!?

IT IS!!!!!!!!!!!

the chinese good luck candies!!!!

you do not even understand the meaning of these candies!!! i have loved them since i was a wee one… my sister and i used to fight over them when they were included with our fortune cookies at my family’s favorite restaurant growing up!

i actually squealed when i saw them sitting in the bowl, and yes, i took every last one, and do NOT feel bad about it!

then i took the photo and sent it to my sister. her response via text message:

“ARE YOU KIDDING ME? helen never has those anymore”

hahahahhahahahaha i knew she would be jealous!!

CLEARLY the highlight of the trip!!

sooooo coming down off the chinese good luck candies high

d) I’M EXHAUSTED!! the weekend was draining, and all i wanted to do when i got home tonight was hit the couch… BUT instead i put my brain to work and figured out something quick to make for dinner before we had to head to class.

and i have to say… i am pretty impressed with what i was able to whip up in about 20 minutes!

very basic but delish salad…

i jazzed up some romaine, spinach, and cucumber with a few sundried tomatoes

and some new balsamic i snagged at TJ’s…

i apologize that my pacific northwest pale skin is so bright it detracts from the rest of this photo!

then i busted out one of my favorite christmas gifts again, and went to work on some zucchini…

and remembered i hadn’t yet tried to the new sauce i’d bought at costco…

(yes, i had to pull it back out of the recycling to snap the photo… i told you… I’M TIRED)

check out the whole basil leaves and garlic hunks in this sauce!! MOM knows what’s up!!!

i tossed some TJ’s meatless meatballs in the sauce for the teen’s benefit

and poured it over the spiralized zucchini…

and shoved some pre-cubed butternut squash into the oven for a few with just some salt n pepa
(i know it’s probably more expensive, but the pre-cubed butternut squash from costco is SO nice to have around… hey, i’m just sayin!!)

all together now…

quick and delish!!!

then it was off to class… we’ve been a little nervous for class b/c three of porter’s siblings are in his class! you know, don’t want to disappoint the family!

there was play time (shocker the newfs are surrounding the water dish)



and THEN… porter’s moment to shine was upon us!

so besides the 4 newfies in the class, we also have…


and stewart!!

so b/c porter lives with two small dogs… he got picked to be the first big dog to mingle with the little guys… WE WERE SO PROUD!!

(yes, they’re all the same age)… porter was very good with the smaller pups, and further impressed the professor with his on leash skills!

clearly porter’s at the head of his class!!

oh good grief i’ve got to get to bed… but ONE more item of business…

my go to senorita for all things chocolate has posted a bomb ass giveaway!!!

do you have any idea how bad i want a vita-mix!??!?!

REAL REAL BAD!!!!!!!!!!!

you can win too… by going HERE and showing katie some love…



holy dinner high!!

but first, a couple things to say:
a) Jillian + Susan = Love/Hate Relationship
2) last night after work i hit the gym, and 30 minutes of hard cardio flew by as i rocked out to some great tunes. it reminded me… a good playlist can get you through just about anything!
d) i’m heading to seattle tomorrow, not for a fun weekend, but i’m not gonna lie, i’m hoping that between hospital visits, we can still enjoy one of my favorite cities on the west siiiiiiiide

i have some eats to cruise through… i’ve been kickin butt with staying on the healthy track:


0% greek yogurt, my favorite granola, BIG HUNKS of pineapple. i’ve been craving fruit, why i crave it during the season it’s least available is a mystery to me!

if you had to guess whether i was running horribly behind this morning… right!


lunch today was Nong’s Khao Man Gai (b/c my friend at work has been begging me to take her so she can try it)… holy moly this joint was hoppin today and it took us about 30 minutes to get our food. WORTH THE WAIT
(here’s an old photo b/c i didn’t take any today)

Nong… i heart you!!!


this picture sucks, but i was tired and faaaaamished after the gym last night, so this was all the effort i gave it!
at our house we call this dinner “a bowl”… it was black beans, a little rice (admittedly, white rice, although i prefer brown, i wasn’t cooking, so i didn’t complain), salsa, lite mexican shredded cheese, dollop of 0% plain greek yogurt, and a little bit of yumm sauce.

now for dinner tonight… let me tell you, when you have a gift card AND a coupon, AND haven’t satisfied your craving in more than a couple months, you know what you do???


i don’t care where you live, or where you eat sushi…
BAMBOO SUSHI IS KING!!! <— go here! read about this restaurant!

Bamboo Sushi is the first “sustainable” sushi restaurant in the United States!! (i know there is also one in london, not sure where else)… in general terms, this restaurant is very careful about how their fish is caught, where it comes from, how it gets to them, and whether things are in season or not etc etc. i also love that the owner is a 28 year old guy! REALLY, i encourage you to read about bamboo sushi, the owner, the practices etc… it’s a neat story/concept!

but most importantly, i mean let’s be honest… THE SUSHI IS A-FREAKING-MAZING!!!!!

we hit it up tonight with a group of friends… the result… Ginormous Sushi-Gasms!!

(much love for the SAKE FLIGHT)

(that roll with the red sprinkle… is topped with sake poached pears… PHENOM)

(one way to recognize a good sushi restaurant… this salmon does not have any of those white fatty lines running through it… LEGIT)

and finally, my favorite part of the meal…

a humble little bowl of red crab sashimi… *drool*

on top of every single bite i took being to die for… i’m going to take this moment to say that i was proud of myself at dinner tonight!
– i shared a sake flight (as opposed to having several glasses to myself, or ordering up several cocktails)
– i didn’t eat anything tempura or otherwise fried
– i only ate until i was satisfied… not until i just couldn’t stuff in anymore food

and i realized, it made for a very pleasant, guilt and discomfort free evening.

hey, i said… i’m celebrating the little triumphs in 2010 too!

Question… i never thought i would like sushi (and honestly, i still pass on cheap or mediocre sushi), but the good stuff… GET IN MY BELLY!! is there any food you never thought you’d eat that you’re now in love with!??!?!

rekindling an old flame…

i didn’t exercise today… i didn’t get out of bed this morning to get myself moving.. but my eats were healthy (and cost free b/c i took them all from home… HEY, the little things count too)!!

breakfast was pumpkin yogurt (WARNING: the following photo wins worst breakfast photo of the year)

but it did the trick, and tasted good… combo’d it with a cup o’ coffee

followed shortly by a cute lil clementine

i decided to snag my lunch and eat it at my desk today to continue emailing with my cousin, who happens to be like totally one of my favoritest people in the world (random old photo… clearly ’93 was a HOT year for us!!)

today’s lunch was a good reminder for me… that sometimes, the simplest healthy lunch can taste SO good! well, plus, i had abe to chat with while i munched! (i’m guessing someone is jealous of my abe lunch date)

(i didn’t really eat the pita b/c it was really white, and the other food had me feelin full enough)

this salad was SO good!! and it was just… spinach, peppercinis (i’m channeling my inner GDW), dill pickle, cucumber

all i really used for dressing was some of this bomb a** hummus i had leftover from hush hush cafe a few days ago (sidebar: if you like medit. type food.. GO TO HUSH HUSH… seriously, this guy’s food is DELISH)

then later when i was bored out of my freakin mind feelin a tad hungry, abe and i shared a snack pack of annie’s bunnies!

(yes, this is how bad my day was… i was having lunch with, talking with, and posing food with, abe lincoln!!)

between the time i got home from work and when we left for porter’s first puppy class, all i did was change clothes, do a little cleaning, and then made two rounds of dinner!

yep, another sunshine veggie burger – but tonight i had the southwestern flavor, which is actually a little spicy (YUM)… so i topped it with lettuce, salsa, and a dollop of 0% greek yogurt. and of course it must have a pickle (or two) on the side

dinner was kind of in shifts b/c i have poor food preparation timing… so the veggies came after the veggie burgers had been consumed. basic roasted brussel sprouts (just a little pam, salt, and pepper)…

we went to the first puppy class, which was, boringly enough, sans puppies… lame! i’m guessing next week will provide for a story or two… 3 of porter’s siblings will be in the class with us… i actually think the trainer is a little scared about what she may be about to encounter with four newf puppies in the same class… hahahahhhaha

so like i said… i didn’t exercise today… and while i admittedly often times like to spend my evenings like this…

let’s be honest… that’s lame and, well, not acceptable!

so i’ve made the decision to rekindle an old love affair “relationship”… i was seeing jillian every morning for a while…

STOP LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT JILLIAN… i swear to god!!!!!!!!!

but after a short time… we broke up. mainly b/c i wasn’t really giving the relationship the attention it needed, and i was letting little things (like her calling me buddy) get to me, when i shouldn’t have!

but since that time, i’ve still kept some remnants of our relationship…

(yes, the weights and jillian have been sitting in that position for a few weeks)

i have decided to take jillian back… starting tomorrow morning! and i vow to make the relationship last for at least 30 days!

now i’m going to bed… in hopes that when i wake up in the morning i will have a magically transformed body and can just tell jillian to suck it, rather than having our date!

Do You Shred? If so, what do you think it’s best to combo it with… more cardio? weights? both? none? Or you have never had the pleasure of dating Jillian??

injury reserve…

we have a doxie on the injury reserve at our house…

farley hurt his back. it happens from time to time (life is hard when you’re a foot and a half long and 2 inches tall)… i was hoping with a bit of rest he would get better, but given that he was in the above position for two days straight and yelped whenever anyone went near him, this morning i decided we’d be making a trip to the vet!

as long as he’s got his monkey…

porter does not have a sore back!

i hauled my cookies to work this morning, even though i didn’t want to, and enjoyed some greek yogurt, pumpkin, and granola…

all stirred up it basically looked like snot (yum) but tasted pretty good!

i only worked a 1/2 day so i could get home and take the patient to the dr., and secretly i was kind of excited about this (not the injured back or vet part), but b/c i could make lunch at home, which meant i could dig into the mound of groceries i stocked up on this weekend…

so much good HEALTHY food! i figured if i was going to resolve to get healthy, i needed to clean out the nast and replace it with the goods!

so for lunch…

bbq sunshine veggie burger, potato/lentil baked chips, pickle, pineapple

the sunshine burgers are the BEST brand of veggie burger, and this one was particularly glorious!

with the veggie burger and sandwich thin (you really should try these sandwich thins by the way)… i added frank’s sweet/hot bbq, lots of spinach, and peppercinis.

after spending considerable time and money at the vet, we got home and got the patient settled. we decided to tackle putting up the molding in the party room downstairs (for anyone who doesn’t know, i recently bought my first house and it’s a work in progress)… so we busted out anne’s new compressor and nail gun, and went to town!

(you know you’re jealous of my sparkly gold vinyl bench!!)

then i decided i’d been craving artichoke hearts long enough… so i made up a quick dip, which actually turned out pretty tasty! most artichoke dip recipes call for mayo, and i happen to think mayo is one of the most disgusting foods ever created!! so i made a mayo free artichoke and sun dried tomato dip!

1/2 cup 0% plain greek yogurt
1/2 cup chopped sun dried tomatoes (if packed in oil drain or blot off as much oil as possible)
1-1 1/2 cup shredded swiss cheese (i used about a cup of light cheese to keep the cals/fat down a bit)
14 oz can/jar artichoke hearts… drain and chop them
1/4 teaspoon garlic powder
1/4 teaspoon frank’s hot sauce (or more if you want it spicy… in retrospect i would have liked it spicier)
a sprinkle more of cheese for the top

**i kept mine basic like this, but i think you could also easily add something like crab or shrimp to this dish**

mix it all together, then spread into a shallow baking dish… bake at 350 for about 20 minutes, or until the cheese on top is melted/browning

a couple action shots…

magic bullet… woop woop!!!

served with mary’s crack!!

after a long walk with the meandering one, and getting the patient his meds and making him comfortable, i decided i needed a cocktail, and not of the “mock” variety!

*club soda
*splash of lime

dinner votes were tallied as i sipped my libation… and breakfast pizza won!

we didn’t have any generic hashbrowns, so i pulled out another christmas gift… zeee spiralizer!!

flatouts, pizza sauce, spiralized yukon gold potato…

then i topped with tempeh bacon, scrambled egg/egg white, plenty of spinach, and a little bit of low fat cheese…

while the pizza was baking at 400, we had a small photo shoot!

speaking of bacon, jack never knows his bacon(aka tongue) is out b/c he has a little overbite! hey, all our pets have a touch of misfit.. we wouldn’t have it any other way!

i wonder if he’ll be larger than many others in his puppy class!?!?!

bruthas from anutha mutha…

(he’s all newfie in this one)

and when the pizza was done… viola!

(oh, i splashed mine with frank’s and it was fAb!)

and i’m out to soak up some awesomely bad dramatic television… THE BACHELOR is on!!!!!

but i leave you with this question… do you like bad tv? b/c i do! i admit it! i mean, i watch the smart stuff too, but sometimes there’s just nothing that beats awesomely bad tv (bachelor, real world, jersey shore, gossip girl ETC)… does it make me less of a person!??!!

not built for speed

some people…

are not built for speed!

yesterday morning porter and i set out for a walk through gabriel park

i’d like to be able to say it was a nice bit of exercise, but with this person on board…

i’d say it’s more of a… meander!?!? it was still a good walk though, and we got home just in time to meet the plumber, who was a jerk and told us we needed all new pipes and good luck asking our home warranty to cover it.
ok then.. nice having you… BYE!

luckily my college friend ash came by shortly after that with her cute Cute CUTE daughter london!

london proceeded, at 18 months old, to operate my iPhone…

i mean, she was actually working the iPhone… london could unlock the phone, then she would open an application. ashlee would say, “close it” and london knew the button to hit to close the application she had open. then ashlee says, “where are the photos” and london scrolls over, and hits the icon for my photos! HILARIOUS!

seeing ash always makes me happy… and london is SO cute!! she pretty much has the blondest hair i’ve ever seen!

after they left anne and i made our way cleeeeeeear to the other side of portland to meet JR and Nikki at a local store to check out some flooring and tile for home projects.

JR was up to his usual antics…

we just looked around, no decisions were made. i do kind of think these bubble tiles would be fun for a backsplash though…

we also had to go to home depot and the grocery store, so we stopped by the house to scoop up fuzzy… home depot is good for socialization for the pup (he’s always a big hit!)

porter was super excited to ride in the car…

we cruised through uwajimaya (if you live in portland and don’t shop here, knock it off! go check it out!)

we decided to throw together an udon dinner

it was simple, but SO good

*udon noodles
*bean sprouts
*rock shrimp (uwajimaya has such good fresh seafood)
*sauce was really basic… miso paste mixed with a little water, tamari, garlic

we capped off the night with a movie and a little bottle of sparkling sake we also snagged at uwajimaya

if you live around here and haven’t yet discovered sake… knock it off!
make the trip to sake one in forest grove. they are SO nice, knowledgeable, and you’ll be surprised how good sake can be!

i’ll leave you with a little apology… for my craptastic photos as of late. as you may recall, my sister dumped an entire pomtini all over my little camera, and i’m still a little shy when it comes to hauling my bigger but superior camera around with me. after seeing the above display though, i promise to cut it out with the iPhone photos (at least for the most part)!!

i resolve to…

become the healthy person i’m dying to be

like most people i’ve talked to lately, i don’t really believe in new year’s resolutions (although last year we did resolve to watch all of the films that have won the oscar for best picture… i didn’t beat myself up when i didn’t make it all the way through that list!)

but when i started this blog i wanted it to be a way to help me step off the rollercoaster i’d been on for most of my life (my weight, my activity level, my emotions, my career etc)… and while i definitely made some progress, i have been more relaxed and dishonest with myself about it than i want.

SO… i’ve decided to make more of a commitment to this little outlet… be honest in posting, admit my struggles AND my achievements (which are sometimes harder for me to admit than the struggles), and make a conscious committed effort to becoming the person i’m dying to be!

i hope you’ll join me, help me push myself, support me, and i think we’ll have some fun along the way!

2010 is going to be a great year!

not b/c it’s in the cards… but b/c i’m resolving to make it happen for myself…

NYE… weekend??


did most people celebrate NYE for several days?? well, you should have!!

due to unforeseen events i will get to in a bit… i feel like i’m kind of just now getting back up to speed… so while it’s a few days late, here’s my NYE recap!!

anne and i got invited to spend NYE at the coast with our friends Bob and Cheng, and seeing as they are two of the funniest guys around, we quickly accepted!!

their friends own this little “inn” in Lincoln City, and they had said it was “quaint” and “not fancy” so we weren’t quite sure what we were in for.

the drive was foggy, but beautiful…

i love the drive from portland to the coast because you drive through this most of the way…

until you just suddenly come up over a hill and drop down onto the coast…

so we rolled up to The Historic Anchor Inn… and oh my gosh, it’s hard to even describe this place, so i’ll just say it’s cute, eccentric, funky, fun, uber friendly, and is my new favorite place on the coast!

the rooms are like little cabins and in each cabin as well as throughout the main hotel, lobby, living room, hallways, bar etc… there is funky decor and old photos and lamps etc.. EVERYWHERE!
but it works. it doesn’t feel tacky… it’s just fun!

here’s the lobby… i just LOVE all the old photos (many of them signed)… bob told us the owner loves to buy whole estates then keep what he wants and sell the rest, so most of the old signed photos have probably been acquired that way…

there was a “31” tournament at the inn, so we kicked the night off right

(shot of jager in a lord of the rings glass)

then went on a quick outing with bob and cheng…

then headed back to the inn for the 31 tourney… clearly it was to be serious, check out the high end trophies!

we played cards for quite a while, and rang in the new year, but when it was clear the tourney was going to go well into the next morning, we explored the inn a little more, then hit the sack.

the next morning we joined up with bob and cheng again to head to my favorite section of the coast, “depot bay”

it was really windy and stormy…

once we got to depot bay we wandered around some little shops and i was excited to hit my favorite saltwater taffy store from when i was a kid!

there’s a popular spot along the highway in depot bay where the waves crash right up against the sidewalk, and on this particular day, because of the storm, the waves were insane… soaking people standing along the sidewalk and crashing clear over onto the highway!!

the rest of the day consisted of being disappointed in the oregon ducks’ rose bowl showing, enjoying some blue moon, and later, another trip to the casino.

we headed back to portland the next morning, but not before stopping for one last soaking up of the coast air and views…

we made a quick detour on the way home to see three of my favorite girls!!! Mama Pea offered to send us home with some of her vegan german chocolate cupcakes, and after seeing how much the lil peas loved them…

anything that’s good enough for gigi to eat off the floor, is sure to be YUMMY!!

after leaving the girls we were looking forward to just getting home, unpacking, and relaxing… ohhhhh nooooo… apparently the teens had other plans for us!

we arrived home to find the aftermath of an unauthorized new year’s eve party…

a broken toilet paper holder

a mound of unidentified bedding

a broken and then put back together ping pong table… (see the extra set of holes??)

and a case of pabst!?!?

i’m sure you can guess how the rest of the evening went… ughhhhhhh

so with the exception of a few issues upon our return home… our little NYE trip was a blast!!

happy new year to everyone!!
i’ll leave you with a super cute photo of… porter’s first encounter with.. SNOW!!!

OH WAIT… one more thing!!

one of my most favoritest bloggers is having a giveaway and you should like totally check it out… she’s featuring some products that i’m just dying to try!!