… shaking it off… and heading out in search of balance…

since we got the news about farley boy’s serious back injury, we’ve been trying to keep ourselves busy.

we’ve been entering to win a fun giveaway compliments of the fabulous GC

engaging in home improvement therapy…

(i think carpet is yucky, especially since we have pets, so when we bought this house and pulled up the carpet, for some reason, WHO KNOWS WHY, there is a section of the hardwoods that had been damaged with a paint sprayer!?!? your guess is as good as mine..)

working on our skills for puppy class…

munching on apples…

trying a little eggy twist on the beloved GDW spicy oats

sneaking greens into the teen’s smoothies…

then last night i headed south to spend some time with oregon’s cutest girls!!

i even caught a great little sunset on the way…

(not bad for photos taken with the iphone while i was driving)

i had already planned to spend saturday evening with the ladies of the pea household, and really, there are no better girls to be able to hang with when you’re feeling down!

i mean, who wouldn’t want to have dinner prepared by a maiden and a ballerina??

well, with a little help from mama pea…

and lulu chilled with a skinny cow…

these girls are SO cute, and i adore spending time with them… it was just what i needed last night.

after a fun night, my morning continued with my first brunch food gasm!!

the teen was begging for real meat (*insert chest pounding and grunting*), so i promised breakfast sandwiches with meat

(everything is better with Tillamook Cheese)

i had help sampling the canadian bacon…

i love breakfast sandwiches, and this one was SUPA TASTY

the first bite of this sandwich i took, i actually said, outloud, “oh my gosh… YUMMM”
i checked with the boss, G$, and she confirmed… it’s a food gasm!!

so i guess, given the circumstances, it’s been a pretty good weekend.

in fact, it’s about to get even better….

football, blue moon, and a greexican (greek/mexican) snack plate that i hope would make the kick ass Snackface proud!!

FINALLY… THANK YOU SO MUCH for your encouraging/supportive words about farley!! we have definitely decided to get him the surgery, no matter what it takes… even if we have to start having blog bake sales and lemonade stands to raise the dough!!!


Comments on: "keeping ourselves busy" (8)

  1. yeah – so your weekend was kick ass! 🙂 very jealous!!!! also…i made that artichoke/sundried tomato dip you posted a few weeks ago – and just ate 9/10ths of it myself! i hated it 😉 you are brilliant!

  2. I love the strategic kitchen shot to avoid my glasses!!!! You ARE a true friend.

    I’m thinking about you guys so much. Please let me know what you find out tomorrow ASAP!

  3. The picture above your fireplace (of the dog) is TOO cute! Love it!

    I’ll keep your Farley in my thoughts. Poor guy. I’d definitely contribute to a blog bake sale in his honor. Let me know if you do have one!

    • i loooove that picture above the fireplace. it was in a less prominent location at our old house, but i figure hey, show the doxie love front and center at this house!!!

  4. good luck on those floors!
    i keep trying to discourage any home improvement projects around our house. mostly because i think they’re josh trying to buy more power tools. (“if we do that, I’ll need a nail gun and another saw. oh and a compressor for the nail gun”)

    • oh we most definitely have that problem around here!
      post-christmas i now reside with a compressor, nailgun, and compound miter saw… none of which i trust anne to use without it resulting in a trip to the ER!


  5. look at your fluffy bundle of love! what breed is that? (he? she?) so cute!! i am just so glad i read your blog now, dog lover extraordinaire, we were meant to be blog friends!

    keep me posted on your lil’ one. i hope everything works out.

    that is really random with the paint on the floor (wtf?)

    two things i LOVE: tillamook xtra sharp! and alli’s oats.

    oh! next time you have a smoothie make yourself a smoothie stache, take a photo, send it my way!


  6. your spicy oats + spicy b’fast sammie look absolutely delectable. loves it. and your kiddo is so cute! and the dogs! and the sunset! i love it all 🙂

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