… shaking it off… and heading out in search of balance…


holy dinner high!!

but first, a couple things to say:
a) Jillian + Susan = Love/Hate Relationship
2) last night after work i hit the gym, and 30 minutes of hard cardio flew by as i rocked out to some great tunes. it reminded me… a good playlist can get you through just about anything!
d) i’m heading to seattle tomorrow, not for a fun weekend, but i’m not gonna lie, i’m hoping that between hospital visits, we can still enjoy one of my favorite cities on the west siiiiiiiide

i have some eats to cruise through… i’ve been kickin butt with staying on the healthy track:


0% greek yogurt, my favorite granola, BIG HUNKS of pineapple. i’ve been craving fruit, why i crave it during the season it’s least available is a mystery to me!

if you had to guess whether i was running horribly behind this morning… right!


lunch today was Nong’s Khao Man Gai (b/c my friend at work has been begging me to take her so she can try it)… holy moly this joint was hoppin today and it took us about 30 minutes to get our food. WORTH THE WAIT
(here’s an old photo b/c i didn’t take any today)

Nong… i heart you!!!


this picture sucks, but i was tired and faaaaamished after the gym last night, so this was all the effort i gave it!
at our house we call this dinner “a bowl”… it was black beans, a little rice (admittedly, white rice, although i prefer brown, i wasn’t cooking, so i didn’t complain), salsa, lite mexican shredded cheese, dollop of 0% plain greek yogurt, and a little bit of yumm sauce.

now for dinner tonight… let me tell you, when you have a gift card AND a coupon, AND haven’t satisfied your craving in more than a couple months, you know what you do???


i don’t care where you live, or where you eat sushi…
BAMBOO SUSHI IS KING!!! <— go here! read about this restaurant!

Bamboo Sushi is the first “sustainable” sushi restaurant in the United States!! (i know there is also one in london, not sure where else)… in general terms, this restaurant is very careful about how their fish is caught, where it comes from, how it gets to them, and whether things are in season or not etc etc. i also love that the owner is a 28 year old guy! REALLY, i encourage you to read about bamboo sushi, the owner, the practices etc… it’s a neat story/concept!

but most importantly, i mean let’s be honest… THE SUSHI IS A-FREAKING-MAZING!!!!!

we hit it up tonight with a group of friends… the result… Ginormous Sushi-Gasms!!

(much love for the SAKE FLIGHT)

(that roll with the red sprinkle… is topped with sake poached pears… PHENOM)

(one way to recognize a good sushi restaurant… this salmon does not have any of those white fatty lines running through it… LEGIT)

and finally, my favorite part of the meal…

a humble little bowl of red crab sashimi… *drool*

on top of every single bite i took being to die for… i’m going to take this moment to say that i was proud of myself at dinner tonight!
– i shared a sake flight (as opposed to having several glasses to myself, or ordering up several cocktails)
– i didn’t eat anything tempura or otherwise fried
– i only ate until i was satisfied… not until i just couldn’t stuff in anymore food

and i realized, it made for a very pleasant, guilt and discomfort free evening.

hey, i said… i’m celebrating the little triumphs in 2010 too!

Question… i never thought i would like sushi (and honestly, i still pass on cheap or mediocre sushi), but the good stuff… GET IN MY BELLY!! is there any food you never thought you’d eat that you’re now in love with!??!?!


Comments on: "sushi-gasm!!!!" (7)

  1. i used to hate steak with a passion (i wouldn’t eat it for years) but now every now and then i really like it (still don’t eat it much though!)

    my fiance is constantly amazed at things he likes; sweet potatoes are one of his favorite things and that was shocking to him when he found out

  2. The first few times I tried tahini, tofu and nutritional yeast, I was not digging ’em. But now they are seriously staples in my diet!

    So how good of a sushi date would I be if I don’t like sushi? You can keep me happy with sake and edamame, though.

  3. Oh my gosh now you’ve got me craving japanese 🙂 I also love that Bare Naked granola!

  4. SUSHI-GASM IS RIGHT. My friend and I made plans to hit some Indian food tonight, but this entry is making me crave sushi. Granted, it won’t be from a SUSTAINABLE sushi place, but alas, Boston is waaaay behind PDX in pretty much every conceivable notion other than bio-engineering (yawn).

    Oh how I miss Portland so much.

    Anyway! Thanks for stopping by my blog and linking me to Fitnessista. I will definitely check her out. As for your blog?! It seems to be right up my alley.

    • susan said:

      Did you used to live in Portland?? It’s definitely a pretty sweet city!!
      Indian is a good choice… I have a harder time behaving there though!

      Thanks for stopping by!!!

  5. […] then the rest of the dinner was pretty much like THIS… […]

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