… shaking it off… and heading out in search of balance…

happy post holiday recovery period!
for the life of me i could NOT get into work today, luckily i had a trio of tacky mugs to help get me in the mood…

what you can’t appreciate in this photo is that these mugs are actually a lovely shade of pale pink with shiny gold trim… oooooooooh awwwwwwww beeeeautiful!

and because i’m less than enthused about getting back to the post holiday grind, i thought i’d do a couple posts to recap my trip home for christmas. i kind of detached from the computer altogether while i was home, so i have lots of photos and fun to share.

i landed in boise on wednesday just before lunch, and was happy to see that it was more “wintery” there than it was in portland

my sister and cousins scooped me up and we went to do just a little bit of last minute shopping at costco…

i sometimes forget how great costco is!
exhibit A:

seriously with that price for the jethro size jar?? i may have cruised by this free sample table more than once for the almond butter/cracker combo!

we made the 40 minute trip to my hometown. i immediately made my way to see my nieces!! alexis had just had her tonsils out, so while she was excited to see me, she was obviously feeling less than superb… but she’s adorable nonetheless!

addie was sportin some excellent socks!

ummm good pose addie, but we can’t see the socks!

there we go!
sock model anyone??

my mom had planned a dinner to celebrate my arrival, so my brothers and sister and the kiddos all came over. i stopped to marvel at the randomness of the christmas lights…

and i was so excited to see that my old basketball hoop is still good for something!

we popped in “christmas vacation” and the girls went right to work sorting and manhandling the gifts!

it was a really fun first night at home, and even lego got to join the festivities! at 14, she’s still beautiful!!

the next morning (christmas eve) i popped out of bed early to head down to the family biz with pops where each morning he and his cronies gather for coffee and solving the world’s problems.

this was one wave of visitors… the photos cannot possibly convey the amount of jokes, old stories, new gossip, and laughter that happens with this group!!

after the coffee clatch, my dad and i enjoyed about an hour walk around our little town. it was great to just spend some time with him, walking and chatting.

as tradition would have it, we all attended christmas eve mass and then got together for a christmas pre-funk of finger foods and drinks, a random christmas movie, and plenty of laughter!

addie and alexis greeted everyone…

addie may have been into just a little bit of chocolate…

my sister threw her back out, so we got her primed up with pills and booze… i think by this point, she wasn’t feelin too much pain!

her boys got into the southern comfort…

and then once the beverages started kickin in… the brother talk got a little more serious…

but that didn’t last long…

aren’t they just so handsome? total goobers… but handsome nonetheless!

my brother in law was staying mentally sharp (santa search and find)…

and luckily when he got stuck, alexis was there to lend a hand…

my brother passed out shots of boones farm wine (that’s what i said… it’s kind of a family joke) for a christmas pre-funk toast (pay special attention to the very end where my aforementioned sister who was hopped up on booze and pills added a finishing touch)…

and when we were all pre-funked out…

we called it a night!


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