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Archive for 12/23/2009

blowin this joint!

greetings from PDX! i love to travel, i love to fly, i love to pack up and go new places, but for some reason i am ALWAYS so nerved up about getting to the airport and getting on my flight! i don’t understand it… it doesn’t fit my personality, but there you have it!

so, given that… and the fact that the news totally freaked me out this morning about how long the lines at security were getting, i’m at the airport, in the “service center” with wayyyy too much time to kill before my quick flight.

a quick flight to where you may be asking… well the great state of IDAHO of course! let the potato jokes begin…

anyway, b/c i was visiting with old friends (SO good to see you jen and danielle!!!) and packing and generally being lazy last night, i am just now getting down to it…

first, a confession, of sorts… i have an extra installment of “the tour de tacky” this morning, but not b/c i found it in the cupboard at work, but b/c i purchased it for anne for christmas.
although the mug will likely speak for itself, i feel compelled to state… ANNE IS A TREKKIE!! i won’t go into how i discovered this by looking for wrapping paper under her bed one day and instead came across the motherload of star trek memorabilia stashed under there in rubbermaid bins.
OMG… i was dumbfounded!! but of course now i just feed the fire…


this was one of anne’s christmas presents, which she immediately washed and used for her morning coffee! apparently it was a good gift.

and here’s some good news… the next photo is NOT greek yogurt and granola!!
spicy oats came a callin!

then i spent the next… oh… sayyyy hour and a half of the morning at work trying to find who these lost children belong to!

and the outcome… NO ONE in my office knows who these children are or who they belong to!
poor unclaimed children of the tacky mug!!

then i got more gifts (so no, i still was not doing any work)

and these were about the highlight of my day!

perfect for our parties downstairs in our retro bar!!!

nikki and i had a craving…

there’s an indian buffet about a block from our office, and their food is SO good! they always have different options and they are usually equally amazing!

i did really well as far as not eating way too much goes (which can be a problem at this spot), and decided to have a little bit of dessert

this dish is where i discovered my love of cardamom… totally yummy! and just a little bit is perfect to finish off lunch!

the rest of the day consisted of an embarassingly small amount of work, and mostly bopping around, chatting, opening gifts, sampling little holiday goodies in the kitchen!

then at 4:30, by order of the boss, the entire firm headed downstairs to have what i thought was a simple retirement party for karen, who has been with the first 18 years and is leaving us dec. 31st! karen is such a sweet lady, and we will miss her.

the firm gave her a sweet send off… i basically just took pictures of the spread b/c i was kinda blown away that they went all out and everything looked so amazing!

OMG my flight is boarding! i’ll be back later with THE SPREAD, but for now, i’m blowin this joint!!

oh, and as i’m closing this down, the Idaho State men’s basketball team is on my flight… a couple of them are sitting next to me talking about whether or not they’re going to be able to squeeze in some goose hunting tomorrow… IDAHO HERE I COME!!