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Archive for 12/18/2009

puggles galore!

oh everyone in my office is getting into the TOUR DE TACKY!
today i had a number of people assisting me with the most recent installment…

oh there’s more…

wow, i can’t believe that kid’s not losing it… raggedy ann and andy are kinda freakin ME out!

this one took us a while to piece together, but in the end, mary helped us determine the parent of these unfortunate youngsters doesn’t even work at our firm anymore. so i confirmed with my boss, and she said, “oh i’ll call marshal and see if he wants us to send his mug over.”

SEE the tour is bringing families back together!!

then i enjoyed breakfast..

i know i know… boring, and you’ve seen it before
but it’s sooooo good!
i dont know where i was for so long, but i was wayyy late in coming to the greek yogurt game. it’s so much better than un-greek yogurt!

ok, so i dont have anymore food photos for the day, but i do have something even better!! today my friend paige at work invited us to go home for lunch with her to see the two most recent additions to her family…

she bought us lunch at a little tiny bento place, Du’s Grill. we got it to go and headed for her house (i didn’t take lunch photos b/c i didn’t want everyone to think i was crazy… although really, who am i trying to kid??)

i did, however… take lots of photos of her children!!



henry is the lighter one… and his sister sophia is the darker/more pug-ish one

MOMMMMMM, where have you been?!?!?!?!?

booty shot!!!!!

look he’s already got it!!

take down!! 2 points sophia!

and finally… THE photo of the day!

cute Cute and CUTE!!

we did some more quick christmas shopping after work, and rather than go home and make dinner, we decided to make a quick pass through the Raccoon Lodge with nikki and jr… this place is nothing super special… just close to our house, good food, and incredible beer!! ok fine i’ll say it… we’re regulars! if you’re in the area, cruise in. you won’t be disappointed!

as for me, i’m taking a queue from porter…

and passing out…