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reasons to love portland

now i’m back lemme hit it!!

ya so it’s been a while. but i’m here now, and i’ve come armed with reasons to love my fair little city of portland!

so let’s get to it!

well the obvious one:

*le sighhhhhhhhh*

some recent events have left me thinking, “i love portland”

first was CRAVE… an event with the tagline, “an urban girl’s guide to all that you CRAVE”
it’s basically an evening where you show up at a warehouse and inside are little setups and representatives from local boutiques and businesses run by women (lots of unique jewelry, hats/gloves/scarves all made out of recycled sweaters, vintage clothing etc) and then of course some featured boozy delights.

oh, and a fashion show… which we didn’t stay for, but the stage was real purty…

so we shopped, sat in “the park”

and of course, enjoyed some vino…

it was a fun event (minus the arctic-ish temps), and good to spend time with the hill, wallace and kralj girls!

next… the KINK Holiday Benefit Concert!

KINK is a local radio station, and they do a great job of playing local, up and coming etc. artists. they put on the holiday benefit concert each year. it always draws a large, diverse crowd, and usually presents a great lineup!

confession… we originally were not going to attend the concert this year b/c the lineup was less than exciting, but we were holding out hope b/c there was going to be a “special guest” they had not announced yet… *crossed our fingers, toes, eyes*

and the special guest was… BRANDI CARLILE
SOLD… we immediately scooped up tickets! DUH!!

when we got there, we kind of made our way to the front of the masses b/c as the lineup progressed some people would leave their spots in the crowd so others could fill in.
i ended up in a bit of a passive aggressive elbow match with an older woman who was sufficiently intoxicated but very funny… she informed me she was there to see THE BOB. ummm the who!??!?!

Bob Schneider she informed me was the best act there and assured me i would soon be in love.
SO i cut her and her posse a deal… i give you the front for THE BOB, and you give me the front for BRANDI. i’m so glad i made this deal b/c it allowed me to snap some photos of her drunken antics, and her friends’ attempts at getting her under control!

THE BOB came out…

and homegirl got her boogy on!!

her friend managed the “empties”

she even danced and stumbled herself to the front row!!

can you see her up there??

bob schneider was good… very entertaining… although i got a little confused when his trumpet player suddenly pulled out his bag of tricks this out of his bag of tricks…

that was a first for me at the holiday BENEFIT concert!

OMG i forgot to tell you!! not only was brandi carlile the surprise guest, the original headliner, bruce hornsby (i know, who even knew he was still around?) lost his voice and they asked brandi to step in as headliner… DOUBLE SCOREEEEEEEEEEEEE

she was AAAAAAAAAAmazing, of course…

she played one of my favorite songs:
(sidebar: the big headed guy in front of me who ruined my video actually got kicked out b/c he was recording the entire show with some little audio device… turd!!)

she ended the show with her rendition of “Hallelujah” (which Paste Magazine voted 13th best cover of the decade!!)… i love when she does this to end a show that has lots of people who have probably never heard her play before. she is mesmerizing, you can often hear a pin drop, you get goosebumps, and when she’s done, you can hear the collective “WOW”
this isn’t my video, but here’s what i mean:

love Love LOVE me some Brandi Carlile!!


did you know you don’t have to be christian to get through the big gate in the sky???
if you aren’t a nike employee, but can sweet talk your way into a guest pass, you can get into HEAVEN!

we go each year before christmas, compliments of nikki’s aunt (aunt suzie, i haven’t met you but you’re one of my favorite people!!!)

we all showed up in the proper gear… no competing brands!!

waited in line, until they opened the doors…

isn’t it wonderful!?!?!?

we have it down… you hit shoes first, then children’s clothing, then adult clothing, and make your way toward the checkout before the line wraps around the whole store!
we did pretty well!

the pictures don’t really do it justice… this place is HUGE, and it’s all Nike, and all about 50% off what you pay in the stores for it. Seriously… looooooooove!!


and no matter how much i tell myself i’m not going to do 2/3 of my christmas shopping via Nike, the aftermath always looks something like…

(that’s only part of the loot people!)

so that’s kind of what the happs have been around here.

i leave you with an important update… PORTER’S FIRST VET VISIT!!

remember this guy??

fuzzy was a big hit at the vet, and he officially weighed in at a lean mean 34 lbs!!

more soon…