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Archive for 11/20/2009

welcome home porter!

today was THE day!

i started off with some greek pumpkin soup (it sounds weird, but dont judge!) a la Kath using the last of my favorite granola…

then i powered through the rest of the morning determined to keep my desk from looking like it did yesterday (yikes!!)…

lunch was upstairs at portland city grill… i love this restaurant, up on the 30th floor of our building, but i used to get their club sandwich religiously. i was determined today to make a better choice.

i think i did pretty well!

to start…
-baby greens
-hearts of palm
-a very light vinegarette

then i had the risotto

this dish was SO good…
-red/orange peppers
-awesome mushrooms

i ducked out of work early and we made the trek out to bring porter home!!

it’s been two weeks since we’ve seen him, and we were surprised to learn he officially weighs 28 lbs!! he’s only 9 weeks old people!

after signing the necessary paperwork, chatting with some other local new puppy moms, we loaded up our boy and headed out!

he just looks like a big fluffy bear! he wasn’t a huge fan of the car, but we got him settled (a little tension with the bossy doxie, but nothing more than we expected)…

i grabbed a super nutritious and involved dinner…

and my football watchin companion… and settled in for the Boise State v. Utah State foozball game!


we love our kellen moore!! we ❤ #11!!!!!!

Utah State kept it interesting for a little while, but eventually my Broncos started pulling away…

look at my beautiful blue and orange peoples!!!

farley kept an eye on porter for a while…

and porter was really rowdy!!

so farley finally gave up too… and everyone was totally chillaxin…

so much for a crazy first night… cody and porter headed for bed…

and he’s already called us twice from the basement worried that porter wouldn’t go potty, and now porter’s on his bed, but he’s panting a lot…

aww cody’s a first time mommy… it’s so cute!! haha

tomorrow is our friend nikki and jr’s annual “pre-thanksgiving dinner”… so i’ll be back with a full report of the happs and eats.