… shaking it off… and heading out in search of balance…

despite us all feeling like this at 5:30 a.m.

(sorry for the photo quality in all the photos in this post… i thought i’d see how just using my iphone would work… not great)

we did haul ourselves out of bed and head to the gym for an interval eliptical workout

when i got to work i quickly remembered what was waiting for me…

ughhh what a mess! i just haven’t been able to get caught up this week!!

i gulped down one cup o’ sludge

and immediately brought in the big guns!

in case anyone is unfamiliar with this album, it is paul simon’s “graceland” and is without a doubt the best album EVER made. it’s my go to for many occasions… get your desk under control immediately being one of them!

at some point i wandered toward the kitchen and realized… it has begun!

the office holiday sugar blitz! from about now, until the new year… this will be staring at me NONSTOP!

i held out on any snacking until lunch

which was a flat out, wedge of light laughing cow and sunshine veggie burger

with a sort of random mix of cuc, cado, and frank’s…

then i treated myself with this little gem i’d been saving…

lindt dark chocolate with “a touch of sea salt” – the package looks like this…

i have a little love affair with this chocolate. just a little bit… the dark chocolate is all you taste at first, but then the saltiness comes through, and it’s LOVE.

that being said, i’m not a huge chocolate person… in fact, i have found when i eat sugar in the afternoon, i crash… even this little piece of chocolate resulted in me gulping down about 3 glasses of water b/c i just get tired and jittery when i consume it after lunch.

so after my little indulgence, i remembered today was “cake day” at work. this blessed event occurs once a month in our office, in celebration of whomever is turning another year older that month.


so given that sugar aint so sweet to my body in the afternoon, i enjoyed the celebration with everyone else, sans a slice of sin cake, and when it was over, enjoyed my p.m. snack

pineapple and cottage cheese… and yes, i chomped most of it down before i realized i forgot to take its portrait! oopsie!!

i’ll tell you what IS good for me in the afternoon/evening, and it’s getting to see the Pea Family!!!! i was alerted that they would be stopping at the Laughing Planet near my house tonight, so i headed there right after work and got to spend some time with them!! I LOVE THE PEAS!!

i figured if i was going to be at the glorious Laughing Planet (which is so yummy and less than 1 block from my casa)… i might as well order up some dinner of my own.

amazin’ grace quesadilla with tofu (tofu-duh, cheese, pesto, pico de gallo)… and while i was waiting for my food i spotted a seriously sweet sight…

this one’s for you Ali…………


O…….M…….G, in attempting to figure out how to type out pee wee’s laugh, i found THIS… GO HERE….DO IT

and i’m done!

Comments on: "when sugar aint so sweet…" (6)

  1. Now that is a lot of temptation staring you right in the face…and a lot of Pee Wee. Gigi said he was her favorite of the wall o’ toys. I think you both have excellent taste. Did you see the doll that looked like me?!

    • susan said:

      did i see the doll that looked like you? did you see my comment on your post today… actually i’m not sure whether it went through… did it?

      what is the dvd you said i would enjoy doing with you and the girls? gigi in her ballroom gown workout gear, of course!

  2. i adore laughing planet! i always just feel *good* after i eat there…. that may actually end up being my dinner tonight

    • susan said:

      did you have laughing planet?
      i live wayyyyy too close to that place… but i guess if you have to live close to a restaurant, that’s not a bad one =)

  3. […] i powered through the rest of the morning determined to keep my desk from looking like it did yesterday […]

  4. Ok – I’m done blog-stalking but I had absolutely whole-heartedly agree that Graceland IS one of the best albums EVER. It got me through a long terrible family vacation in Mexico once. It’s just a genius album and is currently on my IPod that I can barely figure out how to work.

    I may have played Graceland just a *few* times more than I played The Pointer Sisters Greatest Hits cassette tape that I left in my car on loop for at least 8 months in the late 80’s.

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