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Archive for 11/17/2009

when did i turn 70???

porter comes home on friday people!!!!

i just cannot wait to hold him and squeeze him and call him mine!!

so in preparation, we had to do a little yard work, to give him a space of his own.

we scoped out the location

(SIDEBAR: i bought my first house and moved into it in late june… it needs lots of work, which has involved building a whole new room, remodeling a bathroom etc… so the yard, well, it has been neglected thus far… i’ll get to it! i swear!)

we spent the next couple hours raking, digging, shoveling, leveling (i HATE groundcover!!)… clearing the appropriate size section of the yard… but cody always has time for his fans!

when we finally finished, we had uncovered something, ummm we’re still not sure what… that was hiding under layers of groundcover and pine needles etc…

i have NO idea what this is… anyone? anyone? buehler?

given the randomness and retro that is this house, we have stopped asking WHY (like the basement ceiling that is covered in formica)… but now i’m asking WHAT??? what IS that???

anyway, once the spot was cleared, we were ready for the last phase

the teen, always so helpful!

by the time we were done it was dark so the big reveal is not what it could have been…


i just realized i got the owl in the photo… how killer is that yard art?? the old folks i bought the house from left it and i decided he could stay… for a while!

the tarp on top of the kennel gives is a shanty-ish look, but trust me… in portland, the rain cover is not an option!!

soooo by the time we were done with our project, i was feeling like…

yikes i’m sore!! when did i turn 70???

ok, so i may not actually be 70… but i know what i plan on eating for breakFAST from now until i am!

and it’s spicy oats a la Ali at Green Dog Wine!!!!!

GDW is one of my favoritest daily visits, and Ali is a dreaaaaaam for coming up with this little concoction!!

i know, i know, it looks scary, but trust me people… this is heaven!!!

– 1 serving of oats
– morningstar veggie sausage patty
– 2 egg whites
– a healthy pour of Frank’s red hot

i forgot how much i love frank’s!! i even had it for a snack later

if you’re still wondering whether the spicy oats actually taste good…

that’s right… i practically licked the bowl clean!

good stuff people… GOOD STUFF!

i’m hoping my soreness will be completely gone in the morning, so my workouts can be a little less brutal! either way… i’m going to bust through my workout so i’m that much closer to my next serving of spicy oats!!!

obsess muuuuch????

finally, farley has given porter’s new bed the seal of approval (do we think porter’s going to be a slightly large dog???)