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Archive for 11/16/2009

hey na na… hey na na

this song is STILL in my head!

on friday we went to see katie herzig and over the rhine at the doug fir. she was asked to write a song for the sex and the city movie, and this is the product of that little adventure… it’s such a fun little ditty!

we first saw katie herzig when she opened for brandi carlile at the schnitz, and decided we were fans.

so we immediately snagged tickets when we heard she’d be in our fair city again!

it was really fun to see her again! the only thing that was disappointing is that she opened the show, so sadly, she didn’t stay long =(

well that, and the lighting was odd at the doug fir, which made for less than superb photos!

the important point is that my good friend melissa was able to get her “me and random rockstars” photo too =)

aren’t they just cute!

so enough of my musical mumblings… let’s talk grubbin… b/c i feel like i did a LOT of it today!

breakFAST started with a cup of sludge (aka office coffee… blech!)
confession time… i have to have a little caffeine in the morning… i’m addicted! i’ve slowly lessened the addiction, and yes, VERY slowly, but i’m doing it that way on purpose. i am likely to go at someone like a spider monkey (extra points if you can name the movie that’s from) if i have a lack of caffeine headache. they make me MISERABLE, soooo… i choked down enjoyed a cup of black death coffee…

followed by plain greek yogurt, granola, and blueberries… i would have sworn i snapped a photo with my phone, but it’s nowhere to be found… maybe i ate it b/c i recall being super hungry!

for lunch i decided to make the hike up to whole paycheck b/c i’ve been craving the hot bar

of course b/c i had umbrella in hand, it didn’t rain, but was super windy. i scooped up much goodness…

– spiked kale & quinoa
– corn salad and tempeh
– beet and carrot salad (to which i added some teriyaki tofu)
– spicy hummus
– roasted zuc

i cringed at the cost, then headed back to the office.
i was SO full after a while i didn’t even finish it all… but then by about 3:00 i was so hungry i was miserable! of course i didn’t have a snack on hand, so when anne picked me up after work with plans to do a little grocery shopping, all i could think about was the first thing in the store i might get my hands on to eat!!

i hate grocery shopping when i’m really hungry b/c i am more likely to make poor decisions… so instead i opted for grabbing, opening, and eating a snack as i was walking through the store

(the photos in this post are crap for the most part so i apologize… i have something going on with my camera, that i haven’t quite figured out… ughhhhh)

i love the sideways glance you get when you send an empty wrapper through the scanner at checkout!

dinner was caitlin inspired… b/c i had some leftover butternut squash i needed to use…

roasted butternut squash ziti and steamed broccoli

oh AND some beets (i told you i did some serious grubbin today)

for the ziti, i didn’t really measure anything, just kind of tossed together what i had…

-butternut squash
– whole wheat organic pasta
-TJ’s organic marinara

transfered to a baking dish and topped with Tillamook italian blend part skim cheese

then cooked at 400 until the cheese was melted and it was warm all the way through (about 20 minutes i think)

again, thanks caitlin for this yummy idea… and just when i needed it!!

and now, because i’ve been getting THIS look all evening…

i’m going to do some puppy cuddling and attention giving…