… shaking it off… and heading out in search of balance…

so i’ve been absent a couple days. the short story is that it’s been a rough weekend, which started with too much of this:


and ended with GUILT and FRUSTRATION… no photo necessary there.

anyway, i took some time this weekend. i know i have to give myself a break and just keep trying to do better, but sometimes it’s HARD. so i did some relaxing, thinking, and attempting to get back to center.

i did have a review of sorts to discuss though! i said a few weeks ago that i wanted to make an effort to lead a much healthier life, but that i did not want that quest to mean i had to give up being a part of the culture and the city that i love.

i reviewed an aspect of portland culture -here-, and had so much fun with it that i wanted to do it again!

enter, the whole bowl

Whole Bowl CR

i’d heard a lot about this portland food cart, but decided it was time to give it a whirl!
so anne and i braved a portland downpour, and headed that way for lunch.

the whole bowl is pretty much just that…


it tells you what’s in it…


– brown rice
– sour cream
– olives
– avocado
– cilantro
– tali sauce
– cheddar cheese
– salsa
– black & red beans

so i ordered it straight up (no additions or deletions)…


i mixed it all together, and dove in…


i was a little worried about the “tali sauce” given that it’s a “secret”… i wasn’t sure if it had any sort of cream in it, which would make it a little heavy for me… but i heard the guy behind me order it “dairy free” and that only eliminated the sour cream and cheese. i was curious about the “tali sauce” so i read up on it and it seems it is vegan as well as gluten free!! i was SO excited to hear that b/c i knew that meant it obviously was not made with a heavy cream, and that’s excellent news b/c the tali sauce IS EXCELLENT!

i was also a little worried about whether the one bowl of food would be filling… ummm no problems there! i was completely full, and stayed that way for a long time.

yep, i ate THE WHOLE BOWL, and it was fantastico!!


i said above that i took some time to CENTER this weekend, so i want to close with the following:

i actually started thinking about this the other day at work when i was looking out one of our office windows.

i looked east and found:


extremely stormy weather

then to my surprise i looked west and found:


beautiful blue skies!

i sat there for a minute thinking about how much prettier the blue sky was, i even started to zone out, when someone else came into the room and called me out on my window gazing. i pointed out to him how strange it was that the sky looked so miserable to the right, and so beautiful to the left.

and then he said, “yes, but look at what is straight ahead”…


the rainbow

i realized i’d been so wrapped up in considering blue skies v. thunderstorms that i completely missed the center, which was right in front of me.

so tonight i leave with this:

i have to remember that balance is the center. i too often get caught in the extremes… feeling dark and stormy and then wanting to swing completely the other way and find bright blue sky.

when in fact… the rainbow exists between the extremes… in the center

Comments on: "i can eat the “whole bowl”???" (7)

  1. I seriously got the chills. And not about the tali sauce (though I am not curious as to what it is).

    What an amazing sight. Sometimes rainbows aren’t symbols, though, sometimes they are gifts…maybe you aren’t supposed to be looking backwards at things that have made you unhappy or forwards to the idea of “when I can just get ‘x’, I’ll be happy,” but maybe you are just supposed to appreciate the beauty that is RIGHT NOW.

    Or maybe you just need to take me to get the Whole Bowl. Yeah, that’s it.

  2. That food looked great. I love little local fun places. If I ever get to Portland I will check that out.

    I love the comparison for balance too. So important.

  3. Great post, Susan! It’s been a great week for rainbows in PDX, hasn’t it? Makes me thankful to live somewhere that rains!

  4. is farley a piebald?!

    • susan said:

      farley is a dapple

      people always ask me if he’s part australian shepard b/c of his coloring… seriously people??? with those legs and that bod??? he is ALL doxie!

    • susan said:

      farley is a dapple

      people always ask me if he’s part australian shepard b/c of his coloring. seriously people??? with those legs and that bod. he is ALL doxie! haha

      (i may have just replied to you twice… but i wasn’t quite sure if replying on the comment would make its way to you… i’m still a learnin! so sorry if this is overkill!)

  5. […] off campus, and it was YUMM (go figure)… i’m not sure what came first, the chicken whole bowl or the egg cafe yumm, but they are pretty similar, and equally […]

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