… shaking it off… and heading out in search of balance…


i’ve never been so happy to be greeted by two big bags of thick socks!!
ok, so i’m not sure i’ve ever been greeted by bags of socks at all, but if i had… today would beat them all!

i’m joining my friends mary and melissa this saturday to hand out warm clothes in portland, but in particular, SOCKS. so if anyone would like to donate, please contact me… the cold wet weather is here, and something as simple as a pair of socks can make all the difference!

i was in such a good bags of socks-induced mood i decided today deserved a fancy red cup:


-tall coffee
-1 pump of pumpkin spice
-a splash of soy

i love when i only ask for one pump and a splash… so the cute barista doesn’t charge me any extra. the good vibes just kept coming!

so i grabbed my breakfast and headed to my desk


-bear naked fit vanilla almond granola
-TJ’s plain 0% greek yogurt
-frozen organic mango pieces (i do love mango so)

when lunchtime came around…


-go beavs iced tea with a sprinkle of truvia
-cottage cheese and pineapple
-roasted kabocha with tahini and a drizzle of honey (the first bite i had of this little concoction was kind of odd, but then for some reason, the second bites and beyond were SO GOOD)

i had such a good lunch, but then later in the afternoon, time was just dragging on. i swear it was 3 pm forEVER today. then suddenly i returned to my desk from some random stroll around the office (probably for no reason) and found a little present on my desk!!


isn’t it just the cutest little box? i had NO idea what it was for, but i most certainly busted right into it and found a starbizzles card *insert little happy dance* and…


chocolate? for meee??? i would have never guessed court reporting companies would work so hard to get your business, but apparently… they do!

i saved one little “kiss” and passed the rest out to my friends. there’s no way i’m letting those little buggars stick around my desk!

for dinner tonight i knew i needed to use up some cauliflower that has been sitting around for just under too long… so i started hacking into it, while visions of sugarplums potential cauliflower dishes danced in my head…


ok ok, i decided i would give mashed cauliflower a whirl (NOTE: this is big for me b/c i’m from idaho… i’m so NOT down with imposter mashed potatoes).

-i steamed a head of cauliflower with just some seasoning salt sprinkled on top for about 20 minutes, then tossed it in the food processor, with
-1 tbsp plain greek yogurt
-3 small cloves of garlic, minced
-1/2 tbsp fresh chopped rosemary
-salt and pepper to taste


“processed” it until smooth


the texture of the cauliflower mash is a little different… but the incredible taste more than made up for it!

the rest of dinner was sliced up cucumber and beets (i love these beets from TJ’s)

(yes, i know i have flash issues, but the point is… these beets are good)

and my new most favoritest veggie burgers!


i found these gems at Fred’s.. and they by far are the heartiest and tastiest veg burgs…


i toasted 1/2 a flat out and used it for the bun, which i wasn’t sure would work, but it was really good… thin and crunchy!


since tomorrow night is the over the rhine / katie herzig show we’ve been waiting for … i’m going to do next to nothing the rest of the night.

so i leave you with a little shot from the city i love…



Comments on: "bring on the socks" (10)

  1. Can you hand deliver a pumpkin spice drink, Hershey kiss, kabocha mashed with tahini bowl to my house? PUHLEEZ.

    Love you…love this post! And I love the picture of US on my blog!!!!

  2. The yogurt sounds yum! And I LOVE cauliflower mash. Well, I love cauliflower period! πŸ˜€

    I followed over from Mama Pea’s blog. Can’t wait to read more of your posts!!!


  3. I need to try Starbucks coffee I NEED caffeine.

    Love the food I need to try mashed cauliflower again.

    And chocolate can NOT stay around too dangerous.

  4. Hi Susan, welcome to bloggieland! I love cauliflower and Starbucks so we’ll get along well πŸ™‚

  5. Errign said:

    Your breakfast looks delicious – reminds me that I’ve got a mango sittin’ on my counter! πŸ™‚

  6. Hi there, I came over from Mama Pea’s blog. I love your analogy of stepping off the roller coaster. It’s one I refer back to from time to time in my own life…my mom actually said it to me once and it just sort of stuck. Hope you find your balance πŸ™‚

  7. mama pea was telling me when i had dinner with her the other night about her fantastic friend who started a blog… i’m guessing that’s you!

    i love people who love portland having blogs. the more portland love, the better!

  8. That’s an awesome ministry. I’m sure they will really appreciated a nice pair of warm dry socks.

  9. Oh, man…I’m from Portland, but have lived in Chicago for 7 years now and your picture just warmed my heart! Love Portland!!

  10. That mash looks pretty good!

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