… shaking it off… and heading out in search of balance…

don’t mock me!

sometimes there is just no substitute for the real thing…

as i was going over my recipe for dinner tonight i was sipping my “not so cosmo” mocktail


– club soda
– POM Wonderful pom/blueberry
– splash of lime juice

and thinking that sometimes substitutes will do the trick, but other times, they absolutely need not apply!!

for example, there’s NO substitute for:







clearly i’d already chewed my way into this particular bag!
TJ’s light string cheese… that is it and that is all… anything else is just totally unacceptable!



skip the mayo aisle and look in the refrigerated section… there is NO comparison. this dill pickle is bomb!!!

and yes, i feel passionately about these two particular food stuffs!
it’s my thing, deal with it!

however, i figured out that sometimes the substitute can actually be better than the real thing!


a rolling cigarette shop!!
bwahahahhahahaa… ok ok just kidding!
BUT, isn’t this awesome? i spotted this when i was out walking at lunch today, and even heard someone in line say, “this ciggy truck has the fresh stuff, not like the one up the street!”

so back to business

enter stage left…



compliments of chocolate covered katie (for the record this blog is a healthy chocolate recipe haven), i have figured out that i no longer need traditional chocolate dishes full of fat and calories to satisfy the little urge that tugs at my tummy now and then.

these are so yummy… and i quickly figured out one of the best things about these little gems is that they are 100% guilt free!!! go ahead, eat more than one… eat LOTS!

your hips will never rat you out!

and finally, speaking of hips, i’m turning over a new leaf tomorrow morning…


my cute shoes and i… are going to the gym in the morning before work. *insert painful groan*

there’s no substitute for burning calories!

they say it takes two weeks to make a habit, so feel free to check in with me several times over the next two weeks to make sure i’m staying on track! i’m terrible about getting up in the morning, but even more terrible about going to the gym after i’ve spent a full day at work.

so between now and tomorrow morning, i’m going to focus on channeling my niece’s energy…
(turn off your sound, the background noise in this video is annoying)


Comments on: "don’t mock me!" (3)

  1. I’m with you on the pickles. I want my girls to go to college, though and the way they eat pickles, we’d blow like $30/week on those bad boys.

  2. Oh you are so sweet!! And I love the new pink shoes 🙂 🙂

  3. Megan @ Healthy Hoggin said:

    Ooh! I love your “mocktail” cosmo! I’ve made “limeades” before to cure my cravings using club soda, limes and stevia. I’ll have to try that next!

    Good luck with your new workout routine. I, too, am trying to force myself to workout BEFORE work tomorrow morning. Why is it always so hard at the beggining?! 🙂

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