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and they called him… porter blue

perhaps i should have titled this, “a little bit of this and a little bit of that”
oh well, here goes:

first off, there has been a lot of anxiety about what to name the new member of our family…


hampden, caruso, langdon… but i think the winner is… PORTER… porter blue

does it work? does he look like a porter??


(cody is not very excited about his puppy)

how bout from this angle?


no not portly, PORTER!

so porter officially gets to come home november 20th!!!! we couldn’t be more excited!

as for other happenins… i’ve been in class the last few days, so basically bored stiff and suffering from atrophy!
to ease my woes anne planned a fun night out. first up…

the men who stare at goats


i hear this movie is getting mixed reviews, and i don’t expect any award season praise, but i liked it! i heart george clooney, jeff bridges, and kevin spacey, so how am i not going to see a movie with all three of them in it?? the movie is entertaining, i laughed outloud (as did everyone else in the theater) quite a bit.
i say give it a whirl!

then for supper we tried out a fairly new restaurant in portland, beaker and flask


i would HIGHLY recommend checking out this place. they have some very different, but incredibly yummy, specialty drinks, and both their food and drink menus change each month.

we also got some groovy decorating ideas for the retro bar in our basement.


the bar, featured booze bottles, and glasses have a very mad men-ish feel… we loved it!


we got seated at the bar for dinner, which i think many people overlook at restaurants. i would highly recommend trying this anywhere that serves interesting drinks by knowledgeable bartenders. even when they are busy, bartenders typically seem happy to talk to you about their drinks, let you try different things, and even make you bartender choice drinks if you just ask them what they recommend.


wow, i sound like an alcoholic… perhaps i should talk about the FOOD. i didn’t really get any good photos b/c the lighting in beaker and flask is pretty low, and i’m not quite ready to just bust out my big camera in restaurants and start taking pictures of my food.

that being said, you’ll have to settle for a brief written description. the menu is set up with smaller plates and larger plates. we shared a couple small plates and then just one large plate.
the beaker and flask menu is very vegetarian friendly. we shared an antipasto plate that had roasted beets, eggplant, red peppers, slaw, and a couple squash fritters… it was all incredible, and the only seemingly unhealthy bit was the fried squash fritters (but there were only two).

we also shared roasted romaine with feta… again, yummy! my only complaint is that the dish was a little heavy on the olive oil, so the lettuce was more limp than i would have liked.

for our large plate we shared risotto with mushrooms and crab. DELISH!!!!!
the risotto had a creamy consistency, but not heavy at all, and the spices went so well with the crab… i’ll say it again DELICIOUS!

we opted for a bartender special after dinner drink instead of dessert…


aren’t those glasses just awesome??
(that’s not cream on the top, he used egg white, which is genius b/c it makes it kinda foamy/creamy, without the fattyness of cream)
it was yummy.. the perfect end to a great night out!

that about does it from here… because it’s SO beautiful out today,


i’m going to swim to the gym, and then it seems appropriate to stay inside and watch some duck football…

i’ll be back tomorrow with a review of the couple local bands we’re going to see tonight and whatever other trouble i can get into…

happy saturday!!