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susan’s my name, yummy food’s my new game

so in my new pursuit of a more balanced life in food… i’ve made some new stuff the last few days that i’m pretty proud of. so i thought i’d share!

here goes:

my new favorite in breakFAST:


vanilla 0% greek yogurt and bear naked vanilla granola. i like this granola b/c it’s pretty low in sugar, is hearty, and yummy!


then the next day i had basically the same thing, only this time i used plain 0% greek yogurt with just a dab of TJ’s pumpkin butter (to give it a festive taste) and the same granola


my lunches the last couple days have been compliments of a staff meeting at work and a continuing legal education class today… they so do not get to be in my hall of fame!

SO on to supper (when i was little i loved how old people called it “supper”… i think i shall start using that term)

i’ve already made a few recipes from my Eat, Drink & Be Vegan (ED&BV) cookbook (mama pea, i stole your rachel ray-ish acronymmmmm). i’m sure you’ve heard this from mama pea and many other incredibly smart people, but BUY THIS BOOK! even if you are not vegan… it’s easy to see places you can make the book less vegan, but the bottom line is, this chica knows her super yummy yet still healthy recipes!

First up…

Orange Sesame Tofu and Coconut Lime Basamati Rice from ED&BV, with brussel sprouts.


i dont think i should give the exact recipe b/c i you should like totally buy the book, but i’ll say you basically:
– make an orange/tamari/pure maple syrup/etc marinade
– slice up extra firm tofu
– marinate it
– bake it in the dish with the marinade
**then the one change i made was after the tofu was cooked, i put the pieces in a hot pan in hopes of making the tofu a little crispier… it was in fact a great move… the hot pan kind of caramelized the outside of the tofu.


then i served it over the rice
– light coconut milk
– lime
– brown basamati rice

i made the brussel sprouts just by shredding them in the food processor and cooking them down a bit with nothing more than salt and pepper.


oh, then i realized i forgot the green onions and sesame seeds for a pretty garnish on top of the tofu, so anne actually ended up getting the prettiest dish for her lunch the next day.


proud SUPPER numero 2, was also loosely based on ED&BV – tomato basil breakfast quesadilla, which, as you can see, i un-veganized by using a little bit of part skim cheese in the quesadilla


– TJ’s organic whole wheat tortilla
– tomato
– fresh basil
– part skim mozzarella
– TJ’s meatless chicken (bacon would be better, but i didn’t have any)


then i made some smokey avocado sauce and roasted mashed kabocha (SIDEBAR… kabocha = spectaculous!!!)


this dinner was really easy, which was a welcome detail given that i got home late and was so hungry… i also only plated a small amount of kabocha b/c i had already eaten a significant amount one bite at a time while i was making the rest of the dinner… oopsie!

the finished product…


(dont judge my retro kitchen floor you can kind of see here… i just bought my first house and it’s a work in progress people!)

i even attempted presentation!


so i guess what’s revealing about this whole scenario is that (and this is big for me)… i’m not only eating healthy food, i’m really enjoying it!!!!