… shaking it off… and heading out in search of balance…

well, for the most part, it was an uneventful halloween! i know, you’re so eager to hear more after that snoozer of an opening, huh? stay with me… i promise it’s worth it!

i realized i forgot something big that was going on this week… cousin riley came to stay with us while his mom and dad are in AZ for a baseball tournament!


needless to say the house has been a little rowdier than usual!

as for halloween festivities…

cody wanted to carve pumpkins (this actually happened friday night)



and he was quite proud of his work, enough that he insisted on doing his own photography…



everyone got in their costumes…

appropriately, jack wanted to be a JACK-o-lantern


riley wanted a turn too (clearly his mom forgot to leave his costume when she skipped town)


the hot dog was, well, obviously…


you can see how much he loves it…


the hot dog is a bit much, clearly… so we went with something less confining



this was our first halloween in our new house, so we were hoping for lots of trick or treaters!

we waited with such anticipation for the doorbell to ring…


and we waited…


(nope, the costumes didn’t last long)

and that was about it. i think we had 10 kids total come by the house! it was a bit of a bummer!
so we watched some football, did some of this (which has actually been going on ALL WEEK):

and then pretty much called it a night…




so much for halloween 2009!

the best news is that we had such a mellow evening we were all up and at target pretty early this morning… we scored some sweet clearance costumes for next year. who cares if we don’t have anyone to wear them for!??!?


Comments on: "the no trick or treat zone" (1)

  1. I thought you loved your dogs.

    I am seriously impressed with the boy’s pumpkin carving skills!!! I’d be proud of that too!

    It’s about time for a get together, don’t you think?

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