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dorm room fever

stay tuned for why i’m convinced it’s a real danger!

as for us, we’ve been kinda occupied…

i call him fuzzy…

there has been breakfast…

potty training…

getting to know each other…

really delicious lunch…

-one slice ezekiel toast with a wedge of laughing cow, avocado slices, and frank’s
-one slice ezekiel toast with almond butter and a drizzle of honey

then this afternoon haley told us all her classes for tomorrow were cancelled, so we decided to grab what i’m certain was a healthy and super nutritious quick and fake afternoon pick me up…

and made the trek to oregon state to get haley!!

upon our arrival haley informed us she had to register for classes so we could just come up to her room real quick and wait for her.

something immediately kind of churned inside me… i didn’t realize right away what it was, but upon entering haley’s room i realized it must have been my gag reflex getting limbered up!!

dorm room fever… here is why i believe it is
a) something you can really contract,
2) something that should be feared, and
d) THE reason i will never go in haley’s dorm room again!


not SO bad you say?? wait, here, come in closer…

O…..M…..G ‘nuf said!

i said, “RAMEN NOODLES???” and she proudly said, “i traded an easy mac for a ramen!!!”
ohhhh, wellllll, you are quite the master barterer!!

she saw me taking this photo and said, “hey, i have 8 a.m. class. i NEED coffee” … umm ok sure, i am not going to judge anyone for drinking coffee, but are you collecting cups to sit on the corner in hopes of making some extra money??? THROW THEM AWAY HALEY!

can you guess whether this bag ended up in the back of my car for the trip home… have you done even one load of laundry since september haley???

and finally… the real GEM…

so do we think they wash the utensils prior to eating with them, or just use them right off the floor!?!?!?


speaking of eating… while all i really wanted to do was find the nearest clinic and get a tetanus shot, we decided to grab some dinner before making the trip back to portland.

haley may have subjected us all to dorm room fever, but she did come through with a dinner recommendation.

cafe yumm is a cute little place right off campus, and it was YUMM (go figure)… i’m not sure what came first, the chicken whole bowl or the egg cafe yumm, but they are pretty similar, and equally yumm.

i would say cafe yumm might win simply b/c you can buy their yumm sauce to take home with you and enjoy whenever you want!! so of course i snagged two…



welcome home porter!

today was THE day!

i started off with some greek pumpkin soup (it sounds weird, but dont judge!) a la Kath using the last of my favorite granola…

then i powered through the rest of the morning determined to keep my desk from looking like it did yesterday (yikes!!)…

lunch was upstairs at portland city grill… i love this restaurant, up on the 30th floor of our building, but i used to get their club sandwich religiously. i was determined today to make a better choice.

i think i did pretty well!

to start…
-baby greens
-hearts of palm
-a very light vinegarette

then i had the risotto

this dish was SO good…
-red/orange peppers
-awesome mushrooms

i ducked out of work early and we made the trek out to bring porter home!!

it’s been two weeks since we’ve seen him, and we were surprised to learn he officially weighs 28 lbs!! he’s only 9 weeks old people!

after signing the necessary paperwork, chatting with some other local new puppy moms, we loaded up our boy and headed out!

he just looks like a big fluffy bear! he wasn’t a huge fan of the car, but we got him settled (a little tension with the bossy doxie, but nothing more than we expected)…

i grabbed a super nutritious and involved dinner…

and my football watchin companion… and settled in for the Boise State v. Utah State foozball game!


we love our kellen moore!! we ❤ #11!!!!!!

Utah State kept it interesting for a little while, but eventually my Broncos started pulling away…

look at my beautiful blue and orange peoples!!!

farley kept an eye on porter for a while…

and porter was really rowdy!!

so farley finally gave up too… and everyone was totally chillaxin…

so much for a crazy first night… cody and porter headed for bed…

and he’s already called us twice from the basement worried that porter wouldn’t go potty, and now porter’s on his bed, but he’s panting a lot…

aww cody’s a first time mommy… it’s so cute!! haha

tomorrow is our friend nikki and jr’s annual “pre-thanksgiving dinner”… so i’ll be back with a full report of the happs and eats.


when sugar aint so sweet…

despite us all feeling like this at 5:30 a.m.

(sorry for the photo quality in all the photos in this post… i thought i’d see how just using my iphone would work… not great)

we did haul ourselves out of bed and head to the gym for an interval eliptical workout

when i got to work i quickly remembered what was waiting for me…

ughhh what a mess! i just haven’t been able to get caught up this week!!

i gulped down one cup o’ sludge

and immediately brought in the big guns!

in case anyone is unfamiliar with this album, it is paul simon’s “graceland” and is without a doubt the best album EVER made. it’s my go to for many occasions… get your desk under control immediately being one of them!

at some point i wandered toward the kitchen and realized… it has begun!

the office holiday sugar blitz! from about now, until the new year… this will be staring at me NONSTOP!

i held out on any snacking until lunch

which was a flat out, wedge of light laughing cow and sunshine veggie burger

with a sort of random mix of cuc, cado, and frank’s…

then i treated myself with this little gem i’d been saving…

lindt dark chocolate with “a touch of sea salt” – the package looks like this…

i have a little love affair with this chocolate. just a little bit… the dark chocolate is all you taste at first, but then the saltiness comes through, and it’s LOVE.

that being said, i’m not a huge chocolate person… in fact, i have found when i eat sugar in the afternoon, i crash… even this little piece of chocolate resulted in me gulping down about 3 glasses of water b/c i just get tired and jittery when i consume it after lunch.

so after my little indulgence, i remembered today was “cake day” at work. this blessed event occurs once a month in our office, in celebration of whomever is turning another year older that month.


so given that sugar aint so sweet to my body in the afternoon, i enjoyed the celebration with everyone else, sans a slice of sin cake, and when it was over, enjoyed my p.m. snack

pineapple and cottage cheese… and yes, i chomped most of it down before i realized i forgot to take its portrait! oopsie!!

i’ll tell you what IS good for me in the afternoon/evening, and it’s getting to see the Pea Family!!!! i was alerted that they would be stopping at the Laughing Planet near my house tonight, so i headed there right after work and got to spend some time with them!! I LOVE THE PEAS!!

i figured if i was going to be at the glorious Laughing Planet (which is so yummy and less than 1 block from my casa)… i might as well order up some dinner of my own.

amazin’ grace quesadilla with tofu (tofu-duh, cheese, pesto, pico de gallo)… and while i was waiting for my food i spotted a seriously sweet sight…

this one’s for you Ali…………


O…….M…….G, in attempting to figure out how to type out pee wee’s laugh, i found THIS… GO HERE….DO IT

and i’m done!

when did i turn 70???

porter comes home on friday people!!!!

i just cannot wait to hold him and squeeze him and call him mine!!

so in preparation, we had to do a little yard work, to give him a space of his own.

we scoped out the location

(SIDEBAR: i bought my first house and moved into it in late june… it needs lots of work, which has involved building a whole new room, remodeling a bathroom etc… so the yard, well, it has been neglected thus far… i’ll get to it! i swear!)

we spent the next couple hours raking, digging, shoveling, leveling (i HATE groundcover!!)… clearing the appropriate size section of the yard… but cody always has time for his fans!

when we finally finished, we had uncovered something, ummm we’re still not sure what… that was hiding under layers of groundcover and pine needles etc…

i have NO idea what this is… anyone? anyone? buehler?

given the randomness and retro that is this house, we have stopped asking WHY (like the basement ceiling that is covered in formica)… but now i’m asking WHAT??? what IS that???

anyway, once the spot was cleared, we were ready for the last phase

the teen, always so helpful!

by the time we were done it was dark so the big reveal is not what it could have been…


i just realized i got the owl in the photo… how killer is that yard art?? the old folks i bought the house from left it and i decided he could stay… for a while!

the tarp on top of the kennel gives is a shanty-ish look, but trust me… in portland, the rain cover is not an option!!

soooo by the time we were done with our project, i was feeling like…

yikes i’m sore!! when did i turn 70???

ok, so i may not actually be 70… but i know what i plan on eating for breakFAST from now until i am!

and it’s spicy oats a la Ali at Green Dog Wine!!!!!

GDW is one of my favoritest daily visits, and Ali is a dreaaaaaam for coming up with this little concoction!!

i know, i know, it looks scary, but trust me people… this is heaven!!!

– 1 serving of oats
– morningstar veggie sausage patty
– 2 egg whites
– a healthy pour of Frank’s red hot

i forgot how much i love frank’s!! i even had it for a snack later

if you’re still wondering whether the spicy oats actually taste good…

that’s right… i practically licked the bowl clean!

good stuff people… GOOD STUFF!

i’m hoping my soreness will be completely gone in the morning, so my workouts can be a little less brutal! either way… i’m going to bust through my workout so i’m that much closer to my next serving of spicy oats!!!

obsess muuuuch????

finally, farley has given porter’s new bed the seal of approval (do we think porter’s going to be a slightly large dog???)

hey na na… hey na na

this song is STILL in my head!

on friday we went to see katie herzig and over the rhine at the doug fir. she was asked to write a song for the sex and the city movie, and this is the product of that little adventure… it’s such a fun little ditty!

we first saw katie herzig when she opened for brandi carlile at the schnitz, and decided we were fans.

so we immediately snagged tickets when we heard she’d be in our fair city again!

it was really fun to see her again! the only thing that was disappointing is that she opened the show, so sadly, she didn’t stay long =(

well that, and the lighting was odd at the doug fir, which made for less than superb photos!

the important point is that my good friend melissa was able to get her “me and random rockstars” photo too =)

aren’t they just cute!

so enough of my musical mumblings… let’s talk grubbin… b/c i feel like i did a LOT of it today!

breakFAST started with a cup of sludge (aka office coffee… blech!)
confession time… i have to have a little caffeine in the morning… i’m addicted! i’ve slowly lessened the addiction, and yes, VERY slowly, but i’m doing it that way on purpose. i am likely to go at someone like a spider monkey (extra points if you can name the movie that’s from) if i have a lack of caffeine headache. they make me MISERABLE, soooo… i choked down enjoyed a cup of black death coffee…

followed by plain greek yogurt, granola, and blueberries… i would have sworn i snapped a photo with my phone, but it’s nowhere to be found… maybe i ate it b/c i recall being super hungry!

for lunch i decided to make the hike up to whole paycheck b/c i’ve been craving the hot bar

of course b/c i had umbrella in hand, it didn’t rain, but was super windy. i scooped up much goodness…

– spiked kale & quinoa
– corn salad and tempeh
– beet and carrot salad (to which i added some teriyaki tofu)
– spicy hummus
– roasted zuc

i cringed at the cost, then headed back to the office.
i was SO full after a while i didn’t even finish it all… but then by about 3:00 i was so hungry i was miserable! of course i didn’t have a snack on hand, so when anne picked me up after work with plans to do a little grocery shopping, all i could think about was the first thing in the store i might get my hands on to eat!!

i hate grocery shopping when i’m really hungry b/c i am more likely to make poor decisions… so instead i opted for grabbing, opening, and eating a snack as i was walking through the store

(the photos in this post are crap for the most part so i apologize… i have something going on with my camera, that i haven’t quite figured out… ughhhhh)

i love the sideways glance you get when you send an empty wrapper through the scanner at checkout!

dinner was caitlin inspired… b/c i had some leftover butternut squash i needed to use…

roasted butternut squash ziti and steamed broccoli

oh AND some beets (i told you i did some serious grubbin today)

for the ziti, i didn’t really measure anything, just kind of tossed together what i had…

-butternut squash
– whole wheat organic pasta
-TJ’s organic marinara

transfered to a baking dish and topped with Tillamook italian blend part skim cheese

then cooked at 400 until the cheese was melted and it was warm all the way through (about 20 minutes i think)

again, thanks caitlin for this yummy idea… and just when i needed it!!

and now, because i’ve been getting THIS look all evening…

i’m going to do some puppy cuddling and attention giving…

i can eat the “whole bowl”???

so i’ve been absent a couple days. the short story is that it’s been a rough weekend, which started with too much of this:


and ended with GUILT and FRUSTRATION… no photo necessary there.

anyway, i took some time this weekend. i know i have to give myself a break and just keep trying to do better, but sometimes it’s HARD. so i did some relaxing, thinking, and attempting to get back to center.

i did have a review of sorts to discuss though! i said a few weeks ago that i wanted to make an effort to lead a much healthier life, but that i did not want that quest to mean i had to give up being a part of the culture and the city that i love.

i reviewed an aspect of portland culture -here-, and had so much fun with it that i wanted to do it again!

enter, the whole bowl

Whole Bowl CR

i’d heard a lot about this portland food cart, but decided it was time to give it a whirl!
so anne and i braved a portland downpour, and headed that way for lunch.

the whole bowl is pretty much just that…


it tells you what’s in it…


– brown rice
– sour cream
– olives
– avocado
– cilantro
– tali sauce
– cheddar cheese
– salsa
– black & red beans

so i ordered it straight up (no additions or deletions)…


i mixed it all together, and dove in…


i was a little worried about the “tali sauce” given that it’s a “secret”… i wasn’t sure if it had any sort of cream in it, which would make it a little heavy for me… but i heard the guy behind me order it “dairy free” and that only eliminated the sour cream and cheese. i was curious about the “tali sauce” so i read up on it and it seems it is vegan as well as gluten free!! i was SO excited to hear that b/c i knew that meant it obviously was not made with a heavy cream, and that’s excellent news b/c the tali sauce IS EXCELLENT!

i was also a little worried about whether the one bowl of food would be filling… ummm no problems there! i was completely full, and stayed that way for a long time.

yep, i ate THE WHOLE BOWL, and it was fantastico!!


i said above that i took some time to CENTER this weekend, so i want to close with the following:

i actually started thinking about this the other day at work when i was looking out one of our office windows.

i looked east and found:


extremely stormy weather

then to my surprise i looked west and found:


beautiful blue skies!

i sat there for a minute thinking about how much prettier the blue sky was, i even started to zone out, when someone else came into the room and called me out on my window gazing. i pointed out to him how strange it was that the sky looked so miserable to the right, and so beautiful to the left.

and then he said, “yes, but look at what is straight ahead”…


the rainbow

i realized i’d been so wrapped up in considering blue skies v. thunderstorms that i completely missed the center, which was right in front of me.

so tonight i leave with this:

i have to remember that balance is the center. i too often get caught in the extremes… feeling dark and stormy and then wanting to swing completely the other way and find bright blue sky.

when in fact… the rainbow exists between the extremes… in the center

bring on the socks


i’ve never been so happy to be greeted by two big bags of thick socks!!
ok, so i’m not sure i’ve ever been greeted by bags of socks at all, but if i had… today would beat them all!

i’m joining my friends mary and melissa this saturday to hand out warm clothes in portland, but in particular, SOCKS. so if anyone would like to donate, please contact me… the cold wet weather is here, and something as simple as a pair of socks can make all the difference!

i was in such a good bags of socks-induced mood i decided today deserved a fancy red cup:


-tall coffee
-1 pump of pumpkin spice
-a splash of soy

i love when i only ask for one pump and a splash… so the cute barista doesn’t charge me any extra. the good vibes just kept coming!

so i grabbed my breakfast and headed to my desk


-bear naked fit vanilla almond granola
-TJ’s plain 0% greek yogurt
-frozen organic mango pieces (i do love mango so)

when lunchtime came around…


-go beavs iced tea with a sprinkle of truvia
-cottage cheese and pineapple
-roasted kabocha with tahini and a drizzle of honey (the first bite i had of this little concoction was kind of odd, but then for some reason, the second bites and beyond were SO GOOD)

i had such a good lunch, but then later in the afternoon, time was just dragging on. i swear it was 3 pm forEVER today. then suddenly i returned to my desk from some random stroll around the office (probably for no reason) and found a little present on my desk!!


isn’t it just the cutest little box? i had NO idea what it was for, but i most certainly busted right into it and found a starbizzles card *insert little happy dance* and…


chocolate? for meee??? i would have never guessed court reporting companies would work so hard to get your business, but apparently… they do!

i saved one little “kiss” and passed the rest out to my friends. there’s no way i’m letting those little buggars stick around my desk!

for dinner tonight i knew i needed to use up some cauliflower that has been sitting around for just under too long… so i started hacking into it, while visions of sugarplums potential cauliflower dishes danced in my head…


ok ok, i decided i would give mashed cauliflower a whirl (NOTE: this is big for me b/c i’m from idaho… i’m so NOT down with imposter mashed potatoes).

-i steamed a head of cauliflower with just some seasoning salt sprinkled on top for about 20 minutes, then tossed it in the food processor, with
-1 tbsp plain greek yogurt
-3 small cloves of garlic, minced
-1/2 tbsp fresh chopped rosemary
-salt and pepper to taste


“processed” it until smooth


the texture of the cauliflower mash is a little different… but the incredible taste more than made up for it!

the rest of dinner was sliced up cucumber and beets (i love these beets from TJ’s)

(yes, i know i have flash issues, but the point is… these beets are good)

and my new most favoritest veggie burgers!


i found these gems at Fred’s.. and they by far are the heartiest and tastiest veg burgs…


i toasted 1/2 a flat out and used it for the bun, which i wasn’t sure would work, but it was really good… thin and crunchy!


since tomorrow night is the over the rhine / katie herzig show we’ve been waiting for … i’m going to do next to nothing the rest of the night.

so i leave you with a little shot from the city i love…