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“i do know one thing, and it’s real meat!”

right! back to the title later…

first thing’s first, a confession… i did not have any sort of exercise planned today! i knew first thing in the morning, it wasn’t going to happen. however, the calorie burning gods were looking out for me, or perhaps they were punishing me?? whatever the case may be,
who needs the gym when you work here:


and the elevators are out of order!?!?!?
so i had exciting lunch plans with anne, which as you may have guessed started like this:


she picked me up, not only b/c we had so much planned, but the rainy season is upon us in portland. goody!

our exciting lunch plans included…


isn’t it beautiful???? can you just smell the glorious books???


i did some browsing, got what i went for, a little more meandering, then headed back to work, where i knew what was waiting for me…
that’s right…


**sidebar-i did eat lunch, but i’m saving that for a post of its own**

friday afternoon was so busy and hectic at work. i mean, doesn’t it seem like the last couple hours of work on a friday should be mandatory start to relax and get excited for the weekend time?

regardless, i was still excited to finish up the day and get home b/c i had been looking forward to my dinner idea all day!

we did some quick grocery shopping, and when i proceeded to put the goods away at home, i opened the fridge, and what did i find????


SERIOUSLY!?!??!?! if anyone wants to know what it’s like to live with a 6’4″ carnivorous teenage boy… stick with me!
can you hear me yelling at him to remedy this SITCH?? CODYYYYYYY!!!!!

GROSS! there are so many things wrong with that discovery in the fridge, luckily anne knew exactly what the next move needed to be


that’s right, straight to the bottle!

ohhhh and some foreshadowing to boot… that handsome spaghetti squash in the background was about to become our dinner.

i planned to enjoy my vino while i prepared dinner, but some people had other ideas…


once the proper amount of cuddling had occurred, i was able to finish dinner, and it was YUMMY!

(i realize the quality of this photo is poor… as most of you know, photographing the plates of food is not really as easy as it seems it should be)

anyway, this is my new favoritest way to have basgetti!
basgetti squash
organic marinara
TJ’s meatless meatballs
steamed broccoli with sesame tahini dressing, which i FINALLY made! i fell in love with this dressing when my favorite vegan mom (in real and bloggy life) $arah had it at her house one night. it’s YUMMY and you can find it in eat, drink & be vegan.

as if the taste of dinner alone wasn’t enough, the BEST part was when, right after serving the carnivorous teen his dinner, he requested parmesan. i offered him some lovely freshly shaved parmesan. he tried to convince me the “green can” was better.

umm you mean this stuff?



i informed the teen he did not know what he was talking about.
to which he replied…

“i do know one thing, and it’s real meat!”

ME: oh really, how’s your spaghetti and “meat”balls???

TEEN: really good!

(he still has no idea we serve him “fake” meatballs)

we did some chuckling, and enjoyed our dinner.

then, satisfied with the evening’s accomplishments, i settled in for the night…